Operation Human Shiel


I guess we will have to wait and see. Dont get me wrong, i’d love to be proved wrong. But everyone treating Shiels like he’s the Messiah. I think he’s just very naughty boy. He nearly 26 and should be doing his best work now. Its a bit much asking him to be an AA next year which would mean our list is going backwards


I like that the whisperer has been in hiding all day since the announcement.


There is always one who has to come in to a happy moment for everyone and start being all negative.


He did look down this year but it’s hard to truely judge him without knowing his role.

Kelly has gone past him and maybe it has effected him. He will be the top dog with us and I think he will grow from that.

All I can think about is him playing beside Merrett, Parish, Langford and McGrath who are all very good handballers and Shiel sprinkling clear of the stoppage.

He is the perfect pick for what our midfield needs and I’m expecting very big things.


Could probably keep our pick 32 in that scenario. but that looks pretty good i reckon




He was moved to an outside mid role this year which affected his game. It wasn’t a role he was used to.


What does this even mean? He was AA in 2017 and will have plenty of opportunity in our midfield to show what he can do and get back to his best. And if he did, how is that a negative that means our list is going backwards?


SOS thought he had shiel covered.
But he didn’t even get a hand on it.


He will be asked to do both at Essendon.

Dodoro loves balanced mids and skipworth has probably already worked out his role.

His best footy from a couple of seasons ago showed what he can do inside and outside.


Can someone please post a link to the best place I can find Carlscum supporters thinking they had Shiel? I want to enjoy the beauty that is their pain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m more concerned about him being a naughty boy.


l called for us the trade for Shiel months ago, maybe even last year, l can’t recall. That was a bit of wishful thinking then, but after we scooped the trade pool last year with SSS, l knew anything was possible, and reading between the lines Dodoro was always working in the background to get this trade done. As a result anything became possible, now that we have SSSS. Next up, Scully!


Again with the Tuesday, … … :thinking:


This should go into the Blitz hall of fame


Wasted a bit of time but got onto Big Footy, I’m having such a great time this is but a small sample of what you can find on the Carlscum forum

“**** that. Accepts a free private jet and then chooses that ■■■■ stain of a club. Have fun hanging around 8th for the rest of your career you dumbo.”

That’s gold, and there’s so much more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dylan actually responded to that guy. He said:

“I accepted the lift because I needed to get to The Hanger.”


The whisperer has been doing too much yelling of his Essendon hatred.


It’s wonderful.


how’s dev must be stoked to have shiel