Operation Human Shiel


Reportedly Elwood, in the morning. So he obviously loves seeing old farts manspreading in lycra.


LOL FC, that $60 K will come out of their footy department cap too. The gift that keeps giving.

<i suppose the $4 latte will come out of ours>


Whenever I see this I think Marty is channeling JT!



What did Hawthorn pay to get that bloke who won this year’s Brownlow?


Why does it matter?
The Swans didn’t rate Mitchell, he wasn’t even playing regular/consistent senior footy for them. He’d literally done nothing when he was traded. Of course he was going to be traded for less than a bloke who has been All Australian at the time of the trade.


Committed their first pick for Polec so have nothing to trade. They were only going after Gaff because he was a FA


Mitchell was OOC


And the coach hated him.

And he’d done nothing.

So the situations are nothing alike.


Played every game of 2016 averaging 29 possessions. Looks pretty regular and consistent to me.


Horse still didn’t rate him. Have been told that relationship was frosty at best…
Was almost as if they were trying to fatten him up for market.


‘Done nothing’ is absolute rubbish. Was very good in 2016 and almost won them a premiership with his performance in the GF.


hope so! would like for us to get at least 1 half decent pick in this years draft


Shiel is going be a great addition to the side, but I think I’m even happier about how well us landing him reflects on the club. We clearly have our ■■■■ together and are genuinely heading in the right direction both on and off the field. Been a while since we could honestly say that.

You don’t turn down $2 million lightly, and he effectively did it three times so he could get to us.


No chance. Adjust your expectations/


reckon we will work something out. i dont think anyone saw the Dev Smith trade going the way it did.


No but GWS clearly rate Shiel higher than Smith (who was OOC) and are definitely keen to maximise their return for trading him.

I think the 9 + 31 (might even be 32 by now) + Hartley thing has legs. And would represent fair value given the circumstances.


I would like to get this trade done as equitably as possible. We’re getting a contracted AA caliber midfielder. If the shoe was on the foot, I’m pretty sure we’d be demanding two first round picks.


Our starting point is pick 9

Theirs would be pick 9 + future 1st

We will meet somewhere in between, and probably more on our side because yes whilst he is contracted if they don’t trade him out they are probably going to have to move on other players they prefer to keep. It’s salary cap pressure driving this decision after all.

That said we have a good trading relationship with GWS and we did exceedingly well from last years trade with them so doubt Disco will be looking to bend them over.


yep. Pragmatism.

And we don’t likely have any other confirmed deals to get done this year so it’s not like we need to squeeze every little bit out of every deal.

Losing Lobb and Setterfield does cloud the waters a bit on the cap issue, there’d be close to $1m in cap space right there I’d imagine.


Since they only want picks you can probably assume they are still tight or want to salary cap bank a decent amount for next year to ensure they fight off the big offers on Kelly / Coniglio