Operation Human Shiel


Do GWS have any high-end academy kids this year?




I like that all the muppets that don’t rate dodoro have been hiding since the announcement




is that the brown paper bag he used to carry his coke supply?


oh and is that actionable?


Amazing effort to bring in 4 a-grade talented players in a 12 month period. It’s interesting the club have been able to sell a vision of success to these new recruits when the club, in recent history, have been devoid of success.

The club, starting from Evans, have poured in a lot of money / resources to maximise Essendon’s chances of playing finals etc. Essendon, with its history, marquee games and huge crowds are now an attractive proposition for potential recruits … and ‘ain’t it great!

Ever so slowly the club are, once again, reaching the status of most despised club of the competition with all their wealth and success off the field. It’s just a matter of time when the haters will lose their collective sh_t when Essendon start winning finals and hopefully, flags.


Chicken goes SNORT


I honestly think that pick 9, perhaps together with a small save face sweetener gets this done. The talk of two first rounders is way-off, IMO.

Firstly, this is not equivalent to Treloar who was 22 when traded - that’s 3 extra years of footy in him (and while Collingwood parted with two first rounders, they did get a second rounder back from GWS).

Second, this is a clear salary dump by GWS. Shiel has been invited by GWS to explore his options. That significantly reduces their leverage.

Third, if they kept him (which it seems they can’t without losing someone else), next year they lose Shiel as a free agent for a single first rounder (likely late as you’d expect GWS to make finals).

Fourth, the two most likely alternatives for Shiel (Carlton and Hawthorn) don’t have great trade currency in terms of picks (assuming Carlton rightly wouldn’t part with pick 1). St Kilda has pick 4 but, rightly or wrongly, I don’t view them as a credible alternative.

I think this trade should get done for 9 and change with minimal fuss. There will be some posturing by GWS as they need to preserve their position for other players who leave and not create a precedent of letting contracted players go for unders. We should help them to the extent it doesn’t significantly prejudice our draft position as our relationship with them is important.


Ricky Nixon?

Oh yeah I remember him from the first trade thread…

■■■■■■■ tool!


So much salt.

As to what it takes to get it done, I ain’t even bothered.
It’ll get done.
What I think might be the best possible deal for us isn’t worth (a very crude idiom just came to mind, Why do I even have that in my head? And snow is always cold.) anything.


I agree with this. It simply doesn’t matter. Whatever we have to give up to get that critical piece of the puzzle is fine.


I reckon this is going to be the opposite scenario to last year for Dodoro.
ie last year he basically offered up our first pick to whoever came to the party with a decent deal first.

I reckon this year GWS will be wanting first round picks and might say we’ll give the most back to whoever gives us 1st rounders 1st.

I’d be offering up this year and next year’s first ASAP (before deals for Setterfield and Lobb are done) and trying to get back their 1st rounder from this year and maybe even a 3rd rounder


The inside mail I’ve got is that the deal has been done.

GWS get 2018 and 2019 1st rounders
Ess get D Shiel

All agreed upon. GWS wanted more but Dodoro said that’s the best we can offer. At least it’s knocked over so he can get creative


Well that hurts… so given my bias, it’s probably about right.


I call bs. Massive overs. Would be at least 2 second rounders coming back if it was 2 firsts.


Better than hanging around 18th ****hole!


Find that very hard to believe.


essendon losing to carlton in 2018.gif


There is probably a bit of truth to it.

Every player knows there a big financial advantages of being a player at a big club vs a small one. Marketing deals outside the club and part time jobs are the ones that can make the difference.

Players can do a few development houses, get cheap materials and labour. They can be sponsored by car dealerships to be there on event days, speaking engagements etc. the bigger the club the more and higher value these are.

The club has nothing to do with them and it’s all the management. But the managers know this can be more than a players salary at the right club with wealthy business owning passionate supporters.