Operation Human Shiel


Let this be a lesson kids

Don’t take drugs!!!


That was true, … then they went in again and found a critical fk up and sorted it IIRC.

Which may well mean he can now hit them as per normal?? Not sure …


We’re doing Murphy raw with some of this gifs lol



l cannardly wait until the preliminary final where Shiel knocks out Cotchin, and does not get suspended. Play on.

That’s the way the karma bus rolls.


Weren’t there rumors about Leicester and the bad thymosin?


Farken lol


I haven’t heard those…


That legit took me a good few moments to realise that isnt an add for a dild.o company


He obviously got confused between Dylan Shiel’s and Bomber Thompson’s ‘Brown Paper Bags’


Wow, this is horrific


Well worth watching, he had 5 possessions in the first 2 mins, kicked the first goal from a quick snap. Played against Dayne Beams at the start too (until Beams got injured). Much better feel for how much impact he has watching a game than just highlights that ignore all the clangers/mistakes.

After Beams went down, seemed to be playing on Rockliff, so the opposition wasn’t too shabby.


Its been widely reported someone close to shiel told him to follow whats best for his career over the $$. Spoke to Liam sumner today (ex Giant) apparently that person was Judd. :hushed::hushed::hushed:


My son has badly broken his leg recently and has a steel rod which is drilled in at each end through the bone. The screws at each end can possibly be removed in about 10 weeks time but it’s possible that bone builds up around the area such that it becomes more complicated to remove the screws than to leave them there.

I understand Brown had a screw or something left in there for an extended period and that’s part of what impeded his recovery. Now that it’s gone there could still be residual effects.



Just reporting what was said. Chocco may well have had a say. Ill take sumners word he is trying to buy a property off me.


You need to recharge your phone.


Getting to near midnight with 18% left is a fair effort.


I understand pazza’s phone only passes on 20% of its power.


But is it water proof?