Operation Human Shiel


Only a little bit.


Pretty sure Stallion thought this was the major reason we wouldn’t get him, after we dicked Choco around interviewing him for Bomber Thompson’s job.


Pelchan saying on trade radio that a 1st and 2nd gets the deal done. He said 18-25 for Setterfield.


I’m one. It was Faark in good.


Hard to track at this time of year, but I think Carlton still has a 2nd rounder left and then a bu ch of 3rd and 4ths. Don’t see us as entirely out of the picture yet, if we can obtain some picks for Colyer/Hartley/Leuenberger and package them up for something in the 2nd round


We’re not getting Setterfield.

Was simply pointing out what Pelchan thinks their value is.


I agree that it is unlikely. But stranger things have happened. Can’t see dodoro just giving up entirely. I’m sure he is watching to see what happens if a deal can’t be reached


That 30 minutes of Blitz from 1.30 to 2pm on Tuesday was exhilarating. Still coming down off the high!

However. We do need to get it done. I want to see Shiel actually wearing our strip, not some photoshopped avatar of what it might be like.


Get the Shiel deal done first then see what else can be done. There’s nothing to be gained by Fkg around on Shiel, get it done early & maybe see what desperation stakes are evolving in the final hours of trade period before contemplating making a bargain basement deal.


Yes, let’s get the deal done EFC although I suspect McCartney has additional incentive the make Essendon pay maximum value for the Giant and is incentivised to make Dodoro sweat over what they want. The industry agrees, this years first and next years second is fair value. Unless, Dodoro is trying to get something back from the Giants


Patience. Disco is hard at work on the MEGADEAL that lands us Shiel, Scully, Martin, & Parker



Possibly value to be had in getting involved in other club’s deals, for pick swaps.


I deadset read this as “Pelican saying…” the first time I read it.


You mean the Blitz crash of 2018


That also works. Very very very high opinion of his own opinion.


No need to wonder. You’ll experience it in 28 years when we win our next flag.


“And @Stallion? YOU were wrong”


Who knows how the deal for Shiel will play out, but from afar I don’t see any reason why McCartney would want to cough string things out.

He was there for the Stringer trade, when Gordon thought himself a very public list manager.
He saw what happened when the Bulldogs blinked, and to top it all off it was a GWS player that got the prize last year.

Nah, I think he’ll be keen to lock this away quickly and quietly.


This is the Bigfooty thread you need.
Updated very efficiently…

This is how it stands currently…
Carlton gave up both 2nd Rounders to Sydney for Pick 13 to satisfy the Crows for McGovern !


That is outstanding. Thanks bltn.