Operation Human Shiel


Didn’t even make Robbos top 50 players.

2nd rounder thanks



GWS put him 6th in their medal, so somewhere around 90th-108th best?


When he says exhilarating, … what he means is infuriating, … or frustrating.

Get a fkn Dictionary Chris!!





Just goes to show, even if youre a rich club, you dont impress recruits by waving cash around and acting like pompous pr1cks.

we were open and honest, didnt pay overs and let our playing list do the talking. in the end Dyl shouted “Fark Carlton” and chose us.


That is so faarrrkin good.

May they never win a Flag again !


Rich club??? Pratt, Mathieson etc have gone missing last 15 years while farkcarlton has been receiving handouts from the AFL. Just like Norf. How ironic

These flogs only get involved usually when the team is flying…pardon the pun

Rich club my ■■■■


Can’t afford to paper over the cracks anymore


Isn’t Jeannie Pratt still running the place?


thats how the rich get richer alot of the time. they make everyone else pay for their sh*t. just google how much Visy as a company is worth. FCFC love to cry poor


I see what you did there. Good, very good…


Will they also rule out Cafe’s?


No, but as of next season they will be implementing a Cafe points system


Players must have a Loyalty card from said cafe and be able to prove that recruiting prospect was not given the free coffee on said card.

Otherwise TPP will be deducted $4.00


No worries, we will still have the Lobster Cave.


if dan richardson has a good sense of humour, he’ll submit the coffee receipt as part of our footy department spend this year.


Tony Sheahan is more full of **** than Nixon…


I call bullsh!t. There’s no such thing as being over the top when it comes to condiments.


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