Operation Human Shiel


The winner for strangest assessment of a list in history goes to…


We never had the Lobster Cave


Immaterial. It was all part of the Big Blitz Meltdown of 2018


Yes, where is that little goblin


I did like the older BBlitz site where it showed who and how many people were currently logged in. In those BIG moments it was over a thousand and you knew it was going to crash.

They were good days.


Did it crash for sheil - I couldn’t get through for a bit but thought it was dodge reception


Crashed like Buddy into parked cars, … after NOT doing too much coke and alcohol.


Now you’ve done it


So Dylan is a Less is More kinda person then, very good.




I liked reimers mode. Where you’d see these classic posts then forget to go back and like them.



Yes, but he’s not one of them so not really sure what your point is? What I’m saying is he’s a good player who brings finals experience so can justifiably be paid more than a good player who doesn’t. If the good players on our list start getting us into finals then their worth will increase too, but the reality is they haven’t so we’ve had to look elsewhere.


I haven’t seen a lot of Shiel, but he’s better than all 3 of them. Zerret would be the only challenger. Zacka! Come on now?


Agree he isn’t the messiah. No one player ever is.

Except Courtney Johns of course.


AFL player rankings put him in between Hepp and Zerret:


If they’re not Robbo Rankings, they don’t count.


LOLz. Nice end to the video.

All I was going to say before that was “not selfish enough — delist”.


That sounds about right to me. Where was Smith on that list?


Pokémon guru to boot. Impressive stats