Operation Human Shiel



There’s one that follows every club.
It’s just that there’s 50 k that follows that one.


What’s the hold up? When does trade period end?


Or so they say


Ha ha ha. Nailed it.


Yeah, but why isn’t Rance top 10?



Cheers mate. Thought this trade would be straight forward. Wowee we are looking at a cracker of the last 3 days
Hogan (don’t count them out)


He is right. I have been sucked in. My work productivity is down and the missus wants to know why I’m always on my phone.


It’s Friday and we’re getting Shiel. I’m in a great mood. You can all have one million Blitzes.


Can you buy me a car


Yep. Waiting on Lobb deal is my understanding.


And what could be the Lobb deal hold up do you think?


Ah Hogan prob?


Not sure they’re mutually exclusive but GWS are gonna be quite busy the next few days. Lobb, Scully and if scuttlebutt is to be believed, possibly Coniglio. Add in players they might want to bring in, they have a bit of a backlog. I think the deal will be done with our first round picks this & next year with something coming back. Lobb deal potentially brings something else to the table. The Setterfield trade gives them a 40’s pick this year & what you’d think will be a very early second next year. I’d suggest there’ll be some discussion around what does come back. Maybe it’s as simple as

Ess: Shiel & FC second 2019
GWS: Ess 2018 & 19 firsts

I think Lobb deal will involve pick 23 from Freo so maybe that’s in the mix too? Lots of jigsaw pieces to be assembled first.


Coniglio you say?


Figured as much.
Once dust settles with all of that,the trade can go through.

With probably no 1st rounder to offer, I hope we somehow find a way to get Martin.

A couple 2nd rounders probably doesnt quite cut it? Even if a Dea is thrown in.


I think GWS are doing a smart move.

They are clearing cap and loading up on picks in a strong draft year. They have a core foundation group they can pay market value for now (Kelly, Coniglio, Cameron etc) who will be in their prime in 3 years then the next crop of talent is ready.

It’s better to keep the churn of talent coming than desperately try and hold on. Loading up in another draft or two will keep them up the laser for years to come. They may even crack another Kelly, Cameron or two.


Feels like way overs given the deals that went down this week or the ones to drop in the next 5 days. I mean, Hogan for 5 and 23 says Essendon are paying too much even with a second coming back their way. But once again, I trust the club are doing the right thing whatever the deal is.


I’m still trying to buy me a new car. Sorry man. You can’t cash in Blitzes.