Operation Human Shiel


There’s going to be a lot of midfield “gelling” going on there next season. Ripe for the plucking on game day. Probably means we play them once at their joint.


Speaking of which, … although they’ll slot into our MF perfectly, there will still be a period required for Shiel and Scully to knit at the Bombers, …

… so hurry the fk up and GET IN OUR HANGER YOU BLOKES!!

There’s gelling and stuff to get done and the fk out of the way.


I think we’re ready for this jelly.

#yes I went there




Dodoro is like the dog with a bone…just wants more. Lol


I remember watching Shiel at the Tiges v GWS prelim last year and being stuck on level 4 in the nosebleeds his acceleration away from the pack stood out so much and I can remember thinking faaaark we dont have anything like that at the bombers…


Once the trade is done I want the farken flag so I can go on a 5 day bender.


I’m gonna do that and buy all the merch I can afford


Wouldn’t surprise me that all the papers are signed and lodged with the AFL already…plus all parties have agreed to only announce it at the end in prime time. I don’t mind. After seeing how the whole Shiel announcement unfolded with us in the background, I get more and more excited the longer we don’t hear results regarding Scully, Wingard, Martin, etc…makes me think we’ve got a big finale planned.




You can see why people don’t have faith with the information they provide.


We thought hes coming


That guy is an absolute tw at. A lot of his fellow carlton supporters have seen the light and have turned on him. it’s a beautiful sight to behold


Shiel. Its all very quiet isn’t it. Worried? Me. No, of course not…

I can’t quite understand how Hawks afford these big name recruits every year. Is it just reputation?


I reckon it’s now all about the secret Operation “Nitram”.
Shhhh… Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Say no more…


New favorite colours are red and black

A gentlemen as he opens the door for his lady

Puts the lid down after he finishes

Uses a napkin after every meal.

What a guy!


Think they meant to say “we landed with Shiel” then he nominated the Bombers.



Do you even curl bro?


Fk me what an animal.
Love him. Man we are gonna love this boy.