Optimism or handonitism

I am still excited about our prospects for this season, but I was just listening to “Pickers” top thirty players on sen’s “off the bench” and he did not mention one Bombers player, nor did Hutchie but I don’t take any notice of the shyte he comes out with anyway, and whilst I was grumbling to myself about their oversight, I realised that I don’t have any Bombers in my fantasy side either
What Essendon players do you have in your fantasy sides

Sorry, I stopped reading your post from here on


there’s your problem.

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I’m in a drafting league. I’ve got Zerrett, Francis, Ridley, McGrath, McKernan, JD, and Langford. Other than Merrett they were all players with lots of upside.

And cheap.

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Not a big enough accumulator.

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I know nothing of these things, btw.


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In all the games lots of stats is better. Then some will add disposal effectiveness overlays.

On the pricing, some are purely previous averages and some will weight in 2018 games played. Some are drafting (every player can be only selected once), some make every player available to every team.

The structure effects the value of a player.

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So what you’re saying is we should be much more cautious and pass it around the backline more to pad out our stats?

Giving it to Saad or McKenna or Francis to cut a swathe through the midfield and score is a mug’s game.

You tell Pickers to shut up.

This business of naming L FRANKLIN! behind N Fyfe is evidence that he has indeed lost his last remaining marble.


It’s a midfielders game we have too 3 midfield in Comp make no mistake now with Sheil.

Bookends are good aswell, Daniher or no Daniher he didn’t make us second half last year so adding a fit, skilled him will only make us better. I just hope they don’t go look for him all the time and he must play CHF utilising his ground ball use and agility up there to setup plus his field kicking is great

Old mate Picks


floggiest flog to ever flog

How many players in his top 30 does he manage?

Just askin’

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I really hope we have been ‘foxing’ in the JLT because the other AFL teams seem so much more organised and polished compared to us.

Damian Barrett says hi.

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You called?


Thread title should have been ,…

Optimism? Or Onanism?

Opportunity sadly missed.


Good call, sadly I had never heard the word before or I most certainly would have used it