Other Games Round 9

Didn’t see a thread where it was appropriate to gloat that Jenkins got dropped. Trust Dodoro.

Hope the Cats get done by 200 tonight.


Have to think either he still sore or just being soft and not contesting hard enough post rib issue.

Out and Otten playing as fwd/ruck.

Cop that JJ

Also Vickery is back so Hawthorn are well ■■■■■■.

$650k a year for the next 5 years to run around in the SANFL lol

He’ll be baak.

He’s expected to be hard post rub?


Of course he will but there is definitely a few SANFL players that wouldn’t mind getting a few cheapies in on his ribs

■■■■■■■ smash these ■■■■■ footscray.

Mackie’s farkn cooked


Dogs are a shadow of the side they were last year. Take out Bont they’d be about where we are for W/L.

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Four of their five wins were against the bottom four.

Geelong still applying zero pressure. Bruise Free footy defined

Having said that neither are footscray

Tackles 8-1 to the cats.

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Mackie’s as good as he’s ever been.

Adams from the Dogs looks like he spends about 9 hours a week on pecs and biceps.

There’s a new grandstand? I’d have never known. Thanks for the multiple reminders BT

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Interested to see how Hugh Greenwood goes, amazing story if he pans out, this time three years ago he was playing for the boomers

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It’s a long list with a lot of contenders, but introducing “bruise free footy” to the football vernacular is the most annoying thing Mitch Robinson’s ever done.


Can I say the boob job on Marcus Adams looks amazing. Hats off to the plastic surgeon.

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Since I decided to call it out Geelong have started tackling. Give me a job 7