Other Games Round 9


He owns half* of Geelong, he can do whatever the f*ck he likes....

By half, he owns half of the cafe/bars there lol.


The Cattery.


Why... is Cameron Ling.


Mackies been protected by Scarlett, Harley, Enright, Taylor, Kelly etc for years. And he can't step up now.



40 tackles to 134 a week later. No wonder coaches get sacked.


Essendon taught Geelong how to tackle. Yay us!


Signed in to give credit to the umpires. This was an insanely difficult game to umpire. Both sides exceeded 100 tackles. Most of the contests didn't consist of players taking a half a step so they could arrive to the ball second, apply a tackle and claim a free.

There were many technically illegal disposals. But many of these were 'insufficient opportunity'.

A recipe for disaster that called for 'common sense', consistency from the umpiring team and a feel for the game.

I think they did a good job.

Yes, I'm surprised.


Geelong beat Dogs.

Essendon new premiership favorites.


Last nights commentary was rubbish, and yes ling is top of the pile. They honestly need to start fresh. There should be one special comments that is an explayer, other than that employ proper commentators i.e. jason bennett. They need to get rid of this ex star player becomes commentator mentality because bar one or two they are rubbish. BT can go fist himself with a mic, because I would rather that than listen to him. It is hard to pin point when the commentary went bad because it has been bad for so long. Finally time to go bruce, I used to think he was good but for the last five years or so he has become terrible with this over the top hyperbole. I mean calling cyril delicious and last night with the bont call he strides majestically, honestly give it a rest.


Anyone take the 80-1 that was apparently on offer for a Swans premiership a couple of weeks ago?


McCartin looks like a full forward from the 80s who got dropped into a modern football game.




IMHO when they went from 2 commentators + boundary rider to about 7 in the box, 1 on the boundary and someone on the roof.

Same thing happened w/ Channel 9 cricket commentary: the more of them there are, the more ■■■■■ they speak.


Thought about it.


And FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you ever hear of a mad ■■■■■■ running down the street with a baseball bat smashing things in Essendon, it'll be me when I've finally had enough of being told how many ■■■■■■■ premierships some stupid farkin ■■■■■■■■■■■ commentator played in..


This Tim English the Dogs drafted is rather comical looking


That would be right. Swans looking OK now. Will probably be on a 6 or 7 game streak by the time we get then


FRANKLIN! is yet to kick one but I'm sure it won't be long.


Jones is starring across half-back.