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The ground is more full than for any of villas game last season in the epl

The ground is more full than for any of villas game last season in the epl

Havent seen the game as yet but Lansbury with the very late equaliser gets us a very handy result. We still get scored against too often though and have done for years. 13 goals conceded in 6 games. Gotta get the average below two imo to be seriously in the frame.

Just assuming Forest will do our usual crap of getting on a roll at some point, hopes rise, threaten to challenge top 6 then crash and burn. New coach, talk that marinakos will buy a share from Hasawi, rinse and repeat for 2017.

Yeah, im optimistic.

Got Bendtner to bang them in now. So that’ll work.


Big one tonight, Birmingham v Villa at 11pm on BeIn.


Leeds going really well. Only 1 point off the playoff spots.


Was down at the coffee shop just before.

One family with unintelligible accents turned out to be from Huddersfield. Well, you had to listen closely to her.
Then another couple who’ve been here in Port Fairy about 6 months walk in, and they’re pleased because Fulham beat Huddersfield 5-0. Their house in London was 100 metres from Craven Cottage.
Pity the first family were league fans…they say league started in Huddersfield.

Carry on…I’m bored! and it’s windy and raining! Too crappy even to go out for an ice-cream.


Another year… Zenga sacked by Wolves a fortnight ago and now replaced by Paul Lambert. I know its only November, but I hope we aren’t relegated.


Any Championship fans still exist? Noticed I was the last to post here. Funnily enough Wolves sacked Lambert and Nuno, Jorge Mendes first client ever has been installed as coach.

We’ve picked up Ruben Neves on a Championship record 15m signing fee and Diogo Jota who were both at Porto last year so Wolves fans are up and about.

Beat Middlesbrough 1-0 to kick off the season which was nice with 7 new players starting (all without Championship experience). Nuno is pushing a 3-4-3 formation of which we played a full strength Leicester off the park last week.

So who do people think will go up?

Middlebrough, Derby and maybe Aston Villa for mine.


I’m tipping Middlesbrough to go straight back up. I reckon they’ll be joined by Norwich and villa


Take the 3 points for Leeds last night, knocked Bolton off 3-2 which is a promising result away from home regardless of how terrible they might be given our recent starts to seasons. Plenty of new blokes to fit in and expect it’ll be a slow burn so any early wins will be very handy.

Need another CB, Pennington looked good there last night and will appreciate Pontus Jannson slotting in alongside him after suspension but lacking depth.


Wolves put Derby away with ease at Pride park. 2 games in I’m excited with our side so far. It’s been quality from us.

Away at Hull City on Tuesday which is another tough game. Would love some points here…


Great game last night for Wolves putting away Hull 3-2 (with them gaining a goal in the 99th minute from a penalty).

Neves scored a pearler (worth a look) and Jota also scored. Still undefeated with a top of the table clash with Cardiff City at home. Very excited about the year as Costa (our best player) has not even played a game yet and is due back in a fortnight or so. We still need to sign a out and out quality striker and if so, we’ll be feared.

I have noticed Bein sports is not showing any League games this year and were still negotiating to be able to broadcast year. So frustrating! They are broadcasting in a host of other countries but not here. Poor from Foxtel to allow this to happen.

Basically we are forced to use ifollow (which is being run by the league) for those who’se club allow, or pay-per-view or subscription services from the respective clubs themselves. Wolves TV subscription doesn’t even work at times. I’m not staying up till all hours to pay for and be frustrated by a club stream that aint working. I wish Foxtel would come to the party and provide a solution as after losing the EPL, they’re pretty useless for sports apart from AFL now.


Back to back 0-0 efforts at home, decent game last night against Fulham who look pretty good. Given the influx of new players and manager I’d have expected it to be a slow build so any early points are good ones. Sunderland Saturday night would be a magnificent one to win.

The Bein situation is seriously frustrating. Was looking forward to a few Leeds games at the Charles Dickens on Collins Street. Same boat as you re the club stream, LUTV looks okay but I’m not paying $10 a game to watch on my laptop with every chance either I or it crash at half time.


Grumble grumble yes. Again. Fun while it lasted,

Britt assombalonga started nicely for us.


Lost to Cardiff 2-1. Our foreign players were harassed and given a serve of Championship football in the trenches.

Interesting looking table and fascinating league this year…


Ipswich Town four from four to start the season. Can’t wait for the inevitable collapse to juuuuust miss the playoffs.


Welcome back.


Villa put 4 past Norwich and 2 to the good.

As soon as I become totally nonchalant about them, the ■■■■■■■ suck me back in for interest. Being out of the EPL makes that a bit easier, I’m too poor for the AVTV (Villa aren’t participating in the EFL broadcast deal) and sitting up til 4am on a Sunday/Monday refreshing ■■■■■■ ad filled streams in Arabic hasn’t been my idea of fun for a few years now.


How much are peoples clubs offering streams for? Wolves are charging 5 pounds. Not too bad I think.


Villa were sitting dead last before that game :slight_smile: alot of Wolves supporters were pretty happy with that. They’ll be back for sure though with the quality they have.