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BIG derby tonight, Birmingham v Villa

Not the most publicized derby but one of the most spiteful you’ll see in England from experiences of watching English football.


Love these sorts of derbies. The quality might not be high, but the tackles usually fly in and the fans legit despise each other so it makes a great atmosphere.

Wow had no idea Thomas Kuscak played for Birmingham, always wondered what happened to him when he left Manu.


You can tell the fans think it’s a big match, ALL of the fans are standing all around the ground. Something you very rarely see


He had a year at Wolves before heading to the brum.

It Villa lose this their fans will be feral after being beaten easily by wolves last fortnight. An upset is always possible with these two.


Just had a look at the ladder for the championship. Looks like Sunderland have continued to stink it up.

How is luongo doing with QPR?


Not bad. QPR beat wolves well this weekend. Luongo had the assist for their first goal. He’s pretty established in Champ now.


That’s more like it. Lol at the fans chucking stuff on to the ground.


Haha it’s raining down from the crowd


Wolves 2 - 0 over Norwich to go top of the table now thanks to QPR who have beaten us and Shef Utd, both league leaders at the time.



Grayson gone… its amazing how they sack managers over in English Football…

SUNDERLAND have sacked Simon Grayson as they failed to climb out of the Championship relegation zone after a 3-3 draw with Bolton.

The manager was ditched just minutes after the game and assistant Glynn Snodin has also packed his bags.


And it’s amazing how quickly they get another job.


Graham Taylor once said something along the lines of, getting a big club out of the second division is easier than a smaller club but when they’re going down they spiral out of control and it’s one of the toughest jobs in football. In other words, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Last season I’d be lying if I didn’t think Villa could potentially go down again and that was before the season started, let alone during Di Matteo’s 15 odd games in charge.

Leeds a decade ago and Wolves in the 80’s prime examples. Pulling the trigger early often isn’t the answer but I’d say this is about right.


A club as big as Sunderland in the relegation zone of the championship after 3 months is a shocker.

Especially with the massive parachute payments they receive from the premier league for being relegated aswell.

Yeah I know as big clubs like Leeds have dropped further but no way are Sunderland are as dire off the field as Leeds were.



A 1/3 of the way through. My tips for promotion at the start of the year were Villa, Boro and Derby.

Sheffield and Cardiff have been impressive to date, but I think quality will win out and Villa and Boro will still go up with too much depth and I’m installing Wolves to go up over Derby with a lot of talk about further investment by our Chinese owners in Jan to push for PL glory.

The table does look strange with the Brum and Sunderland simply woeful… Birmingham with only 8 goals for the year so far LOL.


@stallion to post in here next season


Been preparing myself since we lost 3 nil at home to fkn Brighton


Sunderland going to League 1 would be hilarious, definitely won’t be shedding a tear for them


Hopefully Millwall visiting the Olympic Park will provide some much needed renovations.