Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


Wolves :heart_eyes:


Life is sweet for Wolves fans. I’m loving it. Top of the table, 4 points clear of 2nd, 10 points clear of 3rd with Sunderland up this week. Plus we drew Swansea in the FA Cup! Great week for us after this mornings win.


Moving to London in February, just in time to see Leeds go up at Wembley…


Leeds will go up automatically. It has been a cracking December for Leeds.


Surely Wolves are going up this year now. Beat 2nd place Bristol City with a last gasp goal today to be 10 points clear of second on 58 points with 21 games to go… The word is Fosun and Mendes are looking to spend to assure promotion as well.

I’m getting excited now…


9 points of an auto spot and currently outside the playoffs


Timmy Cahill heading back to ‘wall


I’m not sure why Millwall would sign him. They’re mid table and making up the numbers this year.


Leeds new logo is something.


That looks terrible.


It’s terrible


Marrrrrrching on togetherrrrrrr


Lasted all of four hours.


Embarrassingly out of touch, I almost went red in the face when I first saw it and I have no connection with the club.

They’d have been better off reverting to the 70’s smiley face badge.




Who would people like to see go up? I still think Wolves and Villa, not sure about the 3rd as I’ve been waiting for Cardiff to fall away all year.

Its an interesting year for the midlands.

West Brom are certainties for relegation in the Prem and Stoke could join them. Wolves and Villa look the goods to go up (and maybe Derby) and Birmingham and Burton have been bang average this year and could end up in League one.


I always enjoy seeing a club that hasn’t been there for a while get a shot, so Bristol City out of the current top 6.

As expected preseason, Ipswich remaining stuck in mid table obscurity.


Apart from Wolves, still hard to tell. Its been a cakewalk but I am thinking that they’ll only cruise to the division title by about 4 points on the second or third last day.

Cardiff have been on a good run, their squad and Warnock’s tactics are simple but all round reliable, Fulham are really coming home with a wet sail but there might just be a question mark on their away form and tough fixtures ahead but I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see them get an auto spot, Derby have really hit a trough of late, Villa are reliant upon creative mids Grealish and Adomah staying fit. Following Villa, I don’t think they’re dominant on a week by week basis, putting two good halves together to gain 3 points often enough for me to be convinced yet.

I wouldn’t give Bristol City any chance of automatic on points and form, their only hope is pulling off the Huddersfield playoff lottery but I don’t think they’ll even make the top 6. Similarly with Sheff U. Boro will probably sneak in. Preston are too workmanlike. The Bees and Millwall are decent but too far off it, Leeds are done for and anyone below obviously.

Wolves and Villa going in the opposite direction of the Baggies would be a living hell for the yam yams.


Got no interest in Cardiff in the Prem, they’ve been in before and offered up not much. Only positive would be vs Swansea who should stay up.

Wolves with new found cash will be interesting.

Would like to see Preston get promotion, haven’t been in the the top division for a LONG time. Ground will be rocking with local derbies against Burnley, the Manchester and Liverpool clubs.


Knocking on the door for years, founder member, historic club good to see up but Preston just haven’t got enough about them to get promoted, bunch of hackers but worth their spot in the top half.