Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


How’s the move?? Caught any games yet


He’s brawling with his grandfather’s team.

Noonan’s Millwall.


The move would be going better than Leeds’ promotion chances.
Another season in the Championship coming up for the White ■■■■■.


Top 6 teams are consolidated imo, in no particular order but Rowett’s got a few problems at Derby. Haven’t won in a month and in the new year are 2-6-2 with the Forest East Mids derby away coming up.


Finding my feet mate!

Did Leeds Bristol at Elland Road a few weeks ago which perfectly encapsulated everything I’d felt being a Leeds fan for ten years in 90 minutes, then did Millwall Sheffield Wednesday at The Den on a freezing cold Tuesday night which wasn’t a bad game.

Set to go head to Reading on Saturday for the Leeds away day, then will do the same when we go to Craven Cottage a few days before Rd1 against the Crows. Also got the Socceroos game there in a few weeks.


That is awesome, would love to do a away game with ham one day.


Absolute fkn pandemonium at Ibrox atm, arms everywhere.


Rogic equalises queue away end going balistic


Villa 4-1 Wolves

Still in shock.

Fulham last minute winner. Cardiff cannot lose.

Not to knock previous seasons but theres some real form teams wanting those automatic spots.


Wolves were abysmal in the second half. We’ve only had 5 points from our last 5 games. Reading and Burton coming up, if we can’t take points there, look out.

A few of the clubs have complained to the EFL about Wolves and their spending and relationship with Jorge Mendes. The Villa & Leeds chairman even tweeted about the relationship being illegal. Our books were released for last season showing a 23 mill loss, with EFL fair play rules only allowing 39 mill losses over 3 years so promotion is very important for the club otherwise the likes of Ruben Neves may be put up for sale. Its all to play for at the moment.



Theres really only three teams in it now. Fulham have been brilliant the past couple months but possibly still have a little too much ground ahead of them to cover. Wolves have done enough and might drop points from here on in but should canter. Villa unable to account for lowly QPR and Bolton is simply not hungry enough after humbling the top team. Gotta hand it to Cardiff and Fulham. Meanwhile I’m resigned to a playoff chase which will be a barrel of fun, not. At least I can relax a bit about the rest of the season proper.


Much better week of results for us. We are surely home now after Villa dropped both matches after thrashing us. Fulham dropped points as well. Cardiff v Derby was postponed yesterday…

Things can change but Wolves and Cardiff should go up and I’d love to see the remaining top 6 battle it out in the playoffs. It’d be great football.

Sunderland who after 38 games can now boast that they won more games last year in the Premier League (a 38 game season) than this year in the Champ. How I don’t know.


Its seriously ridiculous the whole Wolves Villa rivalry this year. There would be so much fierce banter and sledging going on over there.

Wolves fans have been openly sprouting Mind the Gap for ages only for Villa to close within 7 points after thrashing us (and Cardiff 3). For Villa to then drop 2 and Wolves win both… gee there would be some serious ribbing going on over there.


Add to that West Brom and Birminghams predicament… beautiful.


Sunderland are an absolute shower, to the point you really do feel for their fans. Fans of other clubs are worried about not making Champions League, these guys have been on such a barren run for years, just hovering over and avoiding the EPL drop zone but once they fell through it’s very hard to stop. Graham Taylor said this 30 years ago.


I struggle to feel animosity towards Wolves, come to that WBA to a much lesser extent who are traditional rivals of Villa’s. It’s more the bluenoses who are obsessed with Villa. Over there quite a few Villa fans are surprisingly a bit neutral about Wolves, some who are old enough to remember the Andy Gray transfer or who reside in the Black Country are the one’s who tend to have more feeling. I’d imagine Villa are derided for acting like the big boys while the rest of the WM were either slumming or unable to capitalise in the 80’s and 90’s, back then Villa were supposed to somehow see Coventry or Leicester as rivals.


I know it’s a derby but it’s always amazed me how worked up villa fans get about Birmingham.

Just from the view point that historically villa are far and away a bigger club than Birmingham.

One of the most under rated derbies, been one of my favourites to watch ever since that Birmingham fan ran on the field and started doing the wa nking gesture in Enkelmans face followed by slapping him.


There’s a difference.

Some do get worked up about it but mostly the young man’s game and remainder of the nawwty element. Older fans have heard the same banter for years and there’s really not much to gain from bragging rights, there’s only relief and the arrogance of restored order. I’ve met a couple bluenoses who were good value. A mate of mine in Perth however, works with a bloke who is a bluenose. When Villa went down, I receive this photo text out of nowhere with this bloke flicking the v. I’ve never met the guy and probably never will but when BCFC go down I wouldn’t even consider doing the same and that’s the difference.

We’re not fond of them, they loathe us.

I think the Black Country derby shares more parity and spice.


There he is, ol mate. Was born wearing hi vis.