Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


Have abit of respect for one of your clubs arch rivals!


Same level of respect I have for Fark Carlton. Would be a happy man if both those clubs folded


Well Revie, What did you think of last nights game!

Blackburn score in the 90th to give them a 2-1 lead. Up steps Kemar Roofe. 2 goals in a minute to give Leeds a 3-2 win!

Lid is officially off!


3-3 at Norwich. After being three up. Equaliser came in 98th min. For . Fark. Sake.


Lids off now


deadest farkwit


Was following it on the internet while watching Norwich v Forest. Got out of jail but dominated as usual

nothing compared to 2nd half v Villa though


Screw you and the White ■■■■■.
Straight back down where you scum belong


:open_mouth: seriously, wow! … gets popcorn…


Go follow the crows or Port piece of SA ■■■■■

We’re Leeds United and we’re top of the league


The Mickey Mouse league, can’t do it where it counts. Absolute rabble of a club


Ok I gotta ask

Why the hate?


I’ve got to be fair here…I hate both Leeds AND Man U.



I’m thinking Liverpool


Was drilled into us early by a rough Lancashire grandparent who despised Leeds and then going to a few games over the years just enforced it. I’ve still got the scar from a bottle after a game at Elland Road in 94. The hatred between the two sets of fans is nothing like anything else I’ve ever experienced in English football and is on par almost with the Rangers v Celtic hatred


Man Utd supporters have gone missing the last few months from the EPL thread; unlike Liverpool supporters who are in there - win, lose or draw. The hilarious part is they implied Liverpool supporters of going missing in that thread. As they’ve got nothing to celebrate there, Ace probably thinks he can beat up on the teams below them in the championship… simple case of anger transferance really😂


Don’t think we have gone missing. I’m harsher on United than the opposition and I’m the first to lay into us. No hiding the fact we are a rabble currently. Just need to pray that it doesn’t turn into a Liverpoolesque drought


Love the passion fellas

Also looking forward to the Old Firm clash tonight


I’ll have to record the OF clash as Juve are on at the same time.


Just winding you up - you’re always there, can’t speak for others though except perhaps BSD.