Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


I know, all good. If you want to enjoy a gloat in the good times you have to grin and bear it in the bad times. God help me if Fark Carlton and Liverpool ever both win in the same season again


My b-i-l, who went to Scotch, is here at the moment. No doubt he’ll want those blue mongrels to beat the Hoops.

My last scintilla of Catholicism resides in Celtic.

Rogic has to go off and play in a meaningless practice for Australia over another rubbish country.


And he loves to score against them

Might be a tight one this time


I don’t get the whole “i wish my rival would die” comments. If all your hated rivals did not exist, you’d be following a league of say, Essendon v giants, suns and a whole lot of other sides you couldn’t care about… how boring life would be.


You hate West Ham, Crystal Palace and Charlton you mean.


Haven’t experienced one live but over the TV the atmosphere at Glasgow derby shites all over any English derby.

Tbh even Hearts v Celtic comes across out of control atmosphere wise, English is far too sanitized.

Only one that comes across as close noise wise is Villa v Birmingham.


Works for me no no carltank, celtic, no manutd, or chel$ki or the boston celtics and the world would be a much better place!




youre full of ■■■■ love, a fair few ‘Liverpool supporters who are in there - win, lose or draw’ have come out of the woodwork this year.


epl games are a tourist destination.


Happy for Stevie that he’s doing well in his first job in management, but not a fan of the club he presides over at all.


Lid back on.


Well and truely back on


But @saladin’s easing off a touch.


Very good win.

Should have beaten both 1 and 2 on the table in the last week. An away win at Norwich would have changed things substantially.


Boro finally finding the goals. 5-0 over Peterborough


Ipswich down to Accrington Stanley…who I thought had been in league for about 2 years in the last 50.


Top of table clash. Leeds win, they go 6 points clear on top, lose, both be on equal points at the top.

Leeds at home with a 3-0 victory away earlier in the season against Norwich should have them early favourites.

Biggest game for Leeds in recent history. Alarm clock set.



Boro (5th) score 3 away to knock off WBA (4th) and move level on points.