Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'


Leeds 1 Wigan 2

Brentford 2 Leeds 0

We’ve bottled it haven’t we? Norwich choking big time 4 pts last 4 games and we couldn’t take advantage. Weak as ■■■■ really


You fancy your chances in the playoffs?




Playing like crap of late. Cant score either


Thanks Ace lol


Leeds stuck in the Championship for another year would go along way to alleviating some of the pain from this woeful season


I have a feeling Aceman that this maybe the one and only chance


One positive. I don’t have to fork out for Optus next year


If we are going to have to sit through Liverpool winning the league it’s only fair that we get to see Leeds plodding around in the lower leagues for another season :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless your mob do Liverpool a favour tomorrow its Citys for sure.

BTW is Ole still the man???


I wouldn’t have appointed him until the end of season, I hate extending contracts early.
He needs to have his own team and weed out the undesirables from previous management.
We ain’t getting a point tomorrow but City will drop one before the end of season whilst Liverpool won’t drop a point


What a nerve-wracking match - we just don’t do ‘easy’! Lows (missed penalty), highs (we score), lows (they score), highs (we score) and as tense a final ten minutes as is possible. What a win!

The only thing that stopped it being a perfect day all round was Walsall slotting 3 goals, closing what appeared to be a useful goal difference gap beforehand. Oh, and Bradford showing they’re still capable of bagging three goals in twenty minutes!

A tense final day awaits.


Boro just need to make up 7 GD over Derby in one game, Derby have an extra game in hand.



Indeed! At least it’s in our own hands now. A win and we stay up. Probably just a point would do as long as Plymouth don’t win by more than three goals (although given Scunthorpe’s defensive record this season they might well do so). Even then Southend would need to beat Sunderland,

Edit: Sorry, this was meant to be a reply to Stan.


Norwich, and barring a catastrophic final day defeat and Leeds winning their remaining 2 games, Sheffield United automatically promoted to the top flight.


With a 13 goal differential it’s over!
Unfortunately one of the Yorkshire sides were always coming up but I suppose the Blades are the lesser of the two evils


Bolton Wanderers had to call their game off as the players refused to take the pitch because they haven’t been paid for March as yet.


And April’s money is now due aswell. The EFL has ordered Bolton to play the remaining 2 fixtures by using players from their youth sides


And AFC Wimbledon get their point at Bradford and so survive another year in League 1. Phew!


Up the Wombles!
I see you will be reacquainted with the MKD’s again