Our best ever trade

Who or what do Blitzers think has been the clubs best ever trade.

This will be fun

I would have no hesitation in suggesting Neville Fields to South Melbourne for Terry Daniher.



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This would have to be a comfortable winner. It’s probably the best trade ever by any club.

We should focus on the worst trade by us now

The deal was Neville Fields for Terry Daniher and his 17 yo unknown brother Neale


Yeah I think the thread title should be 2nd best trade.

X Campbell.


TIPPA for nuthin.


This was just highway robbery. So good.

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Worst ever is more fun, for mine Richard Cole for pick 23.


Sean Denham trade was brilliant, as were the wellman and Barnard trades

Hands down winner


Hawks sold us a lemon.

And we had traded out Lovett for pick 16 to Saints

My heart was broken over that trade until Lovett did himself over with his poor women related antics.

Still was spewing all the same. Wish he’d played more footy for us. Loved watching him.

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The Danihers. All of them, factor in the f/s draft picks as a result makes it an even sweeter deal. The Danihers have and continue to build a dynasty.


That’s not even accurate. We got back pick 24 (J Carlisle) - and pick 33 was in there too along with some late picks going out.

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Right you are.

“The Bombers have traded pick No.16 - the selection it received for Andrew Lovett – to Port Adelaide, Pick No. 42 (Geelong) and Jay Nash (Port Adelaide) and acquired Mark Williams (Hawthorn), Pick No. 24 (Port Adelaide) and pick No.33 (Geelong).”

Forgot about the JC link. Williams however was a dud.

Mind you pick 33 we took Anthony Long who did nothing, and if Francis bombs after trading Carlisle for him might still end up a horrific overall trade.

He was 4 games less of a dud than A Lovett

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I blame the St Kilda culture. Night out with Jason Gram, Sam Fisher, Montagna and co.

He was an angel before going there! :stuck_out_tongue: