Our defence. What the fark

Needs to be fixed. What can we do? Been leaking goals all year, the retirement of Kelly and moving of McGrath to the midfield won’t help.

As has been pointed out before, the problem is less in Defence, than in the lack of defensive effort in our midfield. Or lack of midfeild presence in general.


End thread.

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It’s our defensive efforts from the midfield that exposes us the most. Pretty hard to be a defender sometimes when there is an obvious lack of pressure up the field.

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hard to be a defendr when you see kennedy parker, hannebury, jack jones and mcveigh running past your witches hat midfield.


Felt sorry for Hurley he had that spud Sinclair kick a bag on him because our midfield cant defend/win the ball for shi*t


Hurley struggles on the tall guys. Ben Brown smashed him because he couldn’t reach the ball to spoil.

Mitch Brown was missing most of the year which was an issue. He’s the good intercept mark which we missed.

The core problem is the midfield. Easy to spot and hit up a leading target with no pressure on you.

Also as someone else mentioned we only have two of our starting defenders from 2014 still playing in the back line, when that was our strongest line. Our defensive running needs vast improvement and the midfield is the first area we need to address for extra talent but doing so won’t bring us up to the talent level we had a few years ago. Hartley and Ambrose just aren’t in the same league as Hooker and Fletcher.

Our “defenders” have been good this year.

They are not the main issue.

Having said this they were horrendous yesterday.

I didn’t say they haven’t been good.

I didn’t say they were the main issue.

I said that they’re not the same defenders we had when we had a good defense, and they’re not as good as those defenders.

Yeh I know. I was just adding my 2 bobs worth…

In the past 2 years that defence has lost Hooker and Fletcher.

Hopefully we can address our list issues by drafting some half back flankers.


Bags Hooker Ambrose
Hind Hurls. Gleeson

The experiment is over, the only player on our list that can take the Gorillas of the comp is Hooker.

Carlisle you …

No way Hooker goes back. Did you see our forward yesterday without him? Joe gets so much more attention while Stewart has to take the second best defender. That’s not even mentioning what happens when Joe does his turn as the relief ruckman.

Hooker stays forward. Also I’m not sure it’s experiment anymore given mid 2015 was the last time he lined up down back for an AFL game.


The only way Hooker goes back is if the club decides to experiment with the forward line and play Langford and Laverde in their natural positions on the HFF


But considering our forward line can finally kick a score and we have had 4 guys kick over 30 guys, I’m not sure that’s the area of the ground id start playing around with yet

Exactly, but this is certainly the 2nd area of concern that we need to address soon. With older players and robbing players from here to play in the middle.

100% agree with that. The other part of the equation is Franga. Does he play fwd or back. Can he play fwd shifting Hooker back. Or take Hartly or ambros place?

In the games i’ve seen, frang is 100% unequivocally better as the 3rd defender.

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