Our Essendon season review Podcast with Rohan Connolly

Episode 11 of The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast. We have a 2017 review on Essendon with the great man Rohan Connolly




Love Ro-Co.

Yeh Roco is as honest as it gets. Why he has integrity even if you disagree with him. It was a pretty honest open chat about where club can improve for 2018

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Great stuff mate.

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Good listen. Interesting that RoCo didn’t seem overly enamoured with the idea of getting Stringer in.


Another great episode.

Only thing I will point out is the somewhat contradiction on Dodoro’s role. He was criticised during the chat with RoCo for not drafting enough mids and towarsds the end you were ready to give him a statue for his ability to find diamonds late in the draft/rookie draft. Personally I have always supported him but this year is make or break. He must ensure we strengthen our midfield.

I think the point about the 2000 Premiership side’s weakest line been the midfield shows that we have never fully adapted as a club to the way modern footy is played. As was discussed the priority should be finding mids and then if they don’t make it there they fill the flanks and pockets - not vice versa.

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Yeh agree with most of your points redbull. We have a habit of liking players that can play miltiple positions but sometimes you can target guys who are specoalists in one like midfield


By the way your podcast has quickly become a must listen to! Great work.

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Rohan is spot on about our midfield and recruiting strategy.

Midfield is a YUGE concern for 2018.

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Yeh i agree. Lot of buzz on 2018 but i personally have concerns. Will see after trade week i guess

Great show guys… enjoyed the discussion with Rohan - who I like and respect. But it did make me feel a bit pessimistic about the teams chances of achieving success any time soon.
Hopefully AD has worked out plan to get some quality into the midfield. If not it’s going to be another long season next year.
On Stringer… the speculation around him is crazy. Feel sorry for him really. He has been dumped by his club and copped accusations ranging from laziness to drugz and gambling issues. I have no idea what is true or false. I reckon AD would have a very good idea so if he ends up at EssI will be happy …but if chooses some other team, well we tried.

This is really great. Well done team.

Thanks for kind words guys

Interesting to see the treatment of Bird was perplexing to non Blitzers as well.

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I reckon his ball use his a key to holding him back