Our kick ins

Yes we are trying to copy richmond’s game plan of going long down the line each time when we have a kick in but we are so mundane when we do it every single time.

We kick sideways 15m then take 20 seconds to eventually kick it long down the line, hoping for a repeat stoppage.

Richmond do it quickly with urgency, take a player on to get that extra 10-20 meters of meters gained before the long kick to get out the back of the opposition’s zone and then they’re away.

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our kick ins are an abomination. It’s an indictment on the club that we continue to have zero strategy.

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Do you not have access MS Paint?


Why bring this topic up? Way to ruin a Good Friday night!

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It’s not the kick ins alone that get me, it’s their combination with our defending of kick ins. You could not get a starker contrast.


Lol there is 0 thought process with the kick ins. Look left, look right, bomb down the line.

Many teams are kicking long down the line most of the time from kick ins due to the opposition having a good zone making any other kick to a central area too risky. I don’t have too much of a problem if that happens. (Although, I do think many teams (eg Sydney) make a bigger effort than we do to take the kick in quickly before the opposition have set up their zone.)
Our own defensive zone is just a shambles. We are too slow to set up, and generally too prepared to concede kicks to around the 50, which result in an uncontested mark and a flow on to the next kick, which also can become uncontested as the area your zone is trying to cover adjusts. Alertness and the discipline to get in position quickly (eg while your teammate is lining up the shot) are poor.

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