Out of date / Future dated posts

Is anyone else seeing irregularities with post dates? I’m being told by one person they’re irregularly seeing posts with the wrote post time, or future post times. Interested to know if anyone else is getting the same thing.


That sucks.

Revert it back? Maybe it needed some refreshing?

Yep, that finally did the trick.

Thanks heaps @Riolio. Probably drained your life last few days but it’s finally worked.

Thanks @Hoffy for confirming. Was going crazy thinking I was the only one to experience these issues!!

I liked it, but agree it should’ve topped out over a certain date.

Yay, I hate that relative plugin… especially when looking back through longer threads.

I’ve disabled the plugin that changed dates to be relative (5 minutes ago), see if that makes a difference.

@Bombers08 you aren’t the only one. I get the first two issues too.

Really? I’m the only one?? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hey Blitzers, I was the one who reported the issues to Riolio. Have ANY of you guys experienced the following:

-You click on a thread with new comments but then it directs you a post you’ve already read several times. It then forces you to scroll manually to the actual new post

-Before clicking on a post, it’ll say last post by ‘Riolio 2 minutes ago’. But then when I click to read his post, it’s not there. Instead, the last post would be an entirely different poster.

-I’ll only read a certain post if someone quotes it. Ill say to myself, “hang on, I didn’t read the original comment.” When I go search for it, nothing is there.

Says there are new posts in a thread. But I was last to post. Had it a couple times tonight.

The dustin fletcher forum seems to always have new posts, and when i click in to view whats new, nothings new.

You mean from the Home Page? I get this too.

yep its recent too, last few days.

Haven’t noticed the above.
But in the last few days I’ve clicked on a post and it leads to a poster named ‘Unknown’ with no text in the post.
Anyone else experience this?

Yeah was about to post unknown scares the ■■■■ out of me.