Overseas Blitzers

Anyone from here living overseas? I travel a bit, and always looking for a beer with fellow bombers supporters, particularly during the season as I watch a lot of games at pubs!

Didn’t know where to post this

Does 'Boot qualify on a technicality here?

I live on Paris (haven seen James around though)

Knoxville, Tennessee

Would ‘Ivory Tower’ be considered overseas?

I’m in Cairns, which often feels like it’s on another planet. Does that count?

Brentwood, Essex, Brexitland

Denver, Colorado

Los Angeles, California

Vancouver, Canada, eh

Beijing China and if you are in either Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu or Chongqing i can tell you where to drink beer and watch footy. Actually if you are in any Asian country go to afl-asia.com and you can get links to each countries clubs.

Would 'Ivory Tower' be considered overseas?

Next door to bugman and megz? Buggy’s always had Ivory Tower as his address, except for those years he was the Neighbour of the Beast.

Hong Kong SAR, but in Beijing this week (hi Mic) and soon (from next year) will be in Beijing permanently.


This is great - I’m in HK a lot too… It’d be great to meet up with anyone who ever passes through.

Also great to see where other blitzers are!

Kent, UK

Kent, UK

That’s all well and good, but where do you live?

Merimbula, Far South Coast of N.S.W. 75kms of the Victorian Border in the middle of nowhere.

(not overseas but basically forgotten by NSW and closer to Victoria but not there)


Paris, France

I live on Paris (haven seen James around though)

Are you interested in playing, mate ? If so, the Paris ■■■■■ are always keen to recruit new players. :wink:
More info on pariscockerels.fr/ or facebook.

Cheers !