P.S. Fark Hawthorn

LOL, no Grand Final thread (apart from a few posts in “Go Freo”).

LOL at Matthews calling Hird a midfield player who can almost play as a key forward. Did he watch Jame’s career?

Schaudenfraude is a dangerous thing to wish for sometimes.


But fark it....  after this god-forsaken year a Hawks flag would be like inserting another knife and then twisting it further.

This ain’t schadenfreude. This is me not wanting to BE the one suffering for the next six months (well, years) from my Dad.

I'm not watching it I couldn't care less TBH. If Hawthorn lose can someone please put up a link of Clarko cracking the S%#&S please!

Hawks look to be in control.

Freo need a goal badly.

Freo need to settle. Hawks are playing on their terms.

Get Pav into the game.

Terrible, weak umpiring.

Not favouring either team, just weak.

And can we get a boundary umpire in the GF who can reach the ruckmen? No?

Poor ol’ Fyfe.

Freo defence standing up though.

Wouldn’t want to get much further behind if it rains.

Dont think many of us really give a ■■■■ this year.

■■■■ hawthorn though

As good as Fyfe is those two missed goals were shocking.

Given Hawthorn were allowed to pass the ball at will through the midfield, Freo’s defenders deserve credit/Hawthorn’s forwards none.

So Hodge pushes Pav in the back once marked, steps 5 metres over the mark and picks up the ball, then failed to give it back straight away and no 50?

Freo are a mess

Somewhere in Vlad's attic is a giant Skeeta with a bunch of pins sticking out of it.

Freo getting 'rimmed' by the umpires

How is that holding the ball?

Terrible, weak umpiring.
Not favouring either team, just weak.

Ump joins Bruce on Team Rioli.

Suban and Pearce are shockingly bad footballers who choke under pressure

Ump, after you give the five count for the choke hold, you penalise the guy doing that choke hold!