Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Are people allowed to put panic dollars on the Australian cricket team?




Looks like it is going to be way harder to make up ground on the JLT results with the change in returns, but heck I'll give it a crack.

$100 on McGrath @ $6

Go hard or go home.


No comments from Club today, so take the above rates as locked in now for R1.

Remember transactions close when R1 squads are first announced. I expect this to be around 6:30pm on Thursday based on last year.


$150 Ambrose
$150 Langford
$100 Zaharakis
whatevers left on Green


Green $30
McGrath $40
Zaharakis $40
Hooker - $Rest



Sell Gleeson,
buy McGrath $100
buy Green balance ($49.40 or whatever is left after transfer fees)
leave Ambrose


I am perfectly comfortable panicking on JOEDAN and HOOSKEY.


Sell Watson,

Buy Zaharakis


Sell Watson.
Buy $300 Hooker
Buy $200 Zaharakis
Buy $whateversleft McGrath


Sell all.

All in on McGrath


Sell Hurley. Buy McGrath


Sell all and put it all on Hooker


The plunge seems to be on!

Reminder that no trades after squad is first named publicly. I expect this to be around 6:30pm tonight. Although club might go earlier, not sure how it will play out this year.


Sell All.

All on Zaharakis


No more trades buying McGrath ... as club has said he will be named.

Essendon is set to unveil its top pick for the round one blockbuster Hawthorn.

:pencil: : #DonTheSash

— Essendon FC ( @EssendonFC ) March 23, 2017


Woo hoo no panic here now! Too easy, pay up now Mr panic dollars man?!!! Lol.


Cool your jets mcgrath lover, he has to actually play yet.


Here are returns for the named R1 squad, ranked by highest.

Column on the right shows number of gamers who invested in each of these players.

Lots of in interest in McGrath, Green, Hooker and Zaharakis and this was rewarded. No love for Bags or Hartley.


Also for interest here are the non-selected players ranked by return, lowest to highest this time.

Only the top 3 - Stewart, Brown and Dea - had returns equal or below the players in the named team. And 2 of these are emergencies, so my rates were fairly accurate.

At the bottom of the table there are a few ghost-ship gamers drifting on with investments in Laverde, Myers and Ridley.