Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Who is, of course, the only possible inclusion not to be included.




Players in team now reduced to 22. Only 1 Gamer selected one of the 80% return players, Bellchambers at 50% had a few admirers though.

Of the players missing out, Francis (4), Myers (9) and Mutch (3) burnt the most investors.

This week doesn't look like a good one for investors, the total increase of the panic dollar portfolio is likely to be 16%, only slightly above half the usual average weekly return over the season of 30%.


Ambrose late out injured, Dea added to team. 1 Gamer on each.

Although slowstu had Ambrose as triple stress option, so not a good outcome for him.


This whole weekend is a Panic Dollar disaster, let's hope we beat Melbourne to ease the pain


Well that was a disastrous game. The updated Panic Dollars rankings may cheer up some Gamers.

Lower returns all round, plenty of non-selected players and not much movement at the top end were notable outcomes this week. Benny was first Gamer to get a new stress option bonus, getting $1,400 for his 2 double stress locks.

Next game is Fremantle in Perth on Sunday. Updated return rates will be posted Tuesday evening. Trades will close when squad is named Thursday evening.


Panic Dollars return rates for next Round 7. Team selection is not so obvious this week, so there is some good value to be had.

The table also shows the stress option bonuses applicable for this round.


Take whatever I have, and split it 50 50 on Francis & Hartley at whatever high odds stress stuff I can do, Cheers


OK, you have 50% on each of Francis and Hartley.

But you have to be a bit more specific about what stress options you want. You can take a stress option on either, or both players. If you take both, and they both play all the locked games, you get paid 2 bonuses. The stress option can be to lock either, or both, in for 2 matches, or for 3 matches, or one player for 2 weeks and the other for 3 weeks. It's your choice.


Ok.ta, I'll get back to you.

There's much to consider if you want to do it right, .. seems it's one that the supercoach fantasy types would excell at.

Dammit, it's starting to suck me in.


Alrighty... sell all

50% on Myers, locked in for 2 week stress.
50% on Hartley, locked in for 3 weeks stress


Take $1 million of my real dollars and put it on Ezard, please.


I locked in Ambrose for a triple stress, now he's injured only 2 weeks into the triple, can I sell him this week or am I locked in until the triple stress period is over?


No, you are locked into Ambrose for 3 matches. Stress options allow you to choose potential for much higher reward, but you also risk bigger downside (funds locked) if for any reason your player doesn't play 3 games straight.

You can still trade with the other 50% of your funds this week though.


I thought so, leave whats left on Myers NO TRADES


Under the rules of the Australian Panic Dollars Reserve (Fark Carlton) Congressional Collective Official Institutional Groupy Thingy I am not able to deal in real dollars.

And you don't have a million panic dollars.




Nor do I have a million real dollars. In fact, I probably have more in panic dollars.

Anyway, Ezard. WSPHU.


Gee, thats a bit rough isn't it? I thought this went on form and likelihood of getting picked. An unexpected injury should render the player and money placed void and free it up I would have thought.


No I gambled on Ambrose playing 3 games in a row for a handy reward, he got injured, I lose