Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Some trends in the Panic Dollar sector since the start of the season which might interest some folks.

The blue column shows the total amount of panic dollars invested - with $ numbers on the left hand axis.

All the line graphs are in percent with numbers on the right hand axis.
- The blue line shows the overall growth in investment for each round,
- The yellow line shows the proportion of the total panic dollar pool that is held by the leader. I would like to get this down again to around 10% max, which is why I changed some rules a few weeks ago.
- The red line shows the average % return across all the playing team in each game. Into the season proper this probably shows how well I go at picking the likely 22 and setting the right rates for each game.

When the blue line is above the red line, it probably shows that the average Gamer has been successful with higher risk options that round. Whereas if the red line is higher than the blue line it probably means Gamers have mostly missed their risky targets that round.


This should be pinned to the gold standard. You can't print your way out of a Panic.


Return Rates for Round 9 v West Coast Eagles


My triple stress on Hartley is looking shaky with a possible round 10 return for Ambrose.

But I must admit I would prefer to lose my triple stress and keep Jack to 1 or 2 goals.

On the other hand if Hartley contains Darling &/or Kennedy this week, who knows?


Put my Gleeson money onto Myers please


Brown is still out. Depending on matchups Ambrose could come in as 3rd 'tall' and replace Dea rather than Hartley.


Sell all my Myers and put it into McGrath. Double Stress.


I feel I have been conservative in my panic. There are a lot more risky panickers than me on BLITZ. Lucky have alternative panic investment streams.

Can't help feeling that the panic market may collapse soon, it looks like a bit of a panic bubble.

However, I still feel JOEDAN and Hooksey represent solid panic for a set and forget panic strategy.

We have charted the change in capital value of our panic investments, is there a panic dividend payable?


What the hell are you on about here?


Old blitz had an ignore function. I liked that function.


You get paid a return every week and it is reinvested with your existing initial capital of $100 - that is much better than a dividend.

If you want to ‘set and forget’ on low risk players you can increase your returns by locking them for multiple weeks in with stress options.


Sell everything, buy McGrath, Triple Stress!!!!


Sell everything. Buy Bellchambers. Got a hunch.


Sell Myers
Buy Dea

#439 it. Like a " Panic Didivend Reinvestment program" . Nice. Compounding panic.

Are you able to turn this into an app?


As long as it's not in your back, . you should be fine ...


50/50 Myers and Dea please


This is the nerdiest sht I have ever seen on the internet.


Maybe, unlikely this year though.


If you think that, you need to look at more of the internet.