Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Buy 50% and Double Stress Langford
Buy 50% and Double Stress Colyer


Sell all.

50% double stress Begley
50% double stress Dea


Sell All

Buy Hartley 50% Double Stress
Buy Langford 50% Double Stress


So if I understand your post ...

You currently have $825. If Parish and Steward play you will get around $21,000, or a return of 2561%, which will take you from 24th to 12th.

But what you really want to do is chase Lang and Myers to get $536, or a return of 65%, which will at best would get you a jump of 1 spot in the rankings.


See that last line?

Yeah-nah, I was saying if I wasn't locked in to a double-stress, than those are the players I'd buy.
Not that I want out of my double-stress.


You're confused??!!

I apparently did nothing yet slipped umpteen places, and yet appear to have two players I didn't pick anyway who made 4 and a half grand! Go figure. (I've never really u/stood that chart)

Anyway, same as I was too late for last week thanks K, cheers.


You have to say what your trade decision is for this week. I don't want to go back through all the posts to find what you said last week if that is what you are suggesting.

If you don't understand anything, or the information in my posts, you are are welcome to ask questions.


Wasn't having a crack mate, just feigning exasperation in an intended humorous way.

I think I've worked out the table, but have no idea how I wound up with the 2 players (JD & Fanta), as I was late with my call, which I thought you would recall, as it was the first (attempted at least) use of the Trauma option on JD, ..

And also, seeing as I had 2 players, and (I think) increased my "holdings" by 4 and a half K, .. how did I "Fall"??


Do I have money to spend?


double stress Baguley and Gleeson thanks :slight_smile:


You can sell Bellchambers and buy other players.


Those were the players you had in R14, actually from R11, and you didn't make a valid trade in R15.

Gamers behind you went up more than $4,500 so they went passed you.


Ok, .. not that I mind, because I suppose I expected zip, as I hadn't stipiulated/was late, .. but just to clear confusion,.. should I not have remained with the player I had double stressed at 100%?

Also, I take it we have JD locked in on the Trauma option now?

(Almost team time)


I officially apologise to Kyle Langford, I have taken out Stress Options on him twice now (the first time Double Triple) and he has been immediately dropped both times.


Yes, no more trading for you till R21.


I think I know what has happened here, either @hambo @samwoods @Kj_11 @Klawdy or @benny are actually Woosha in disguise, and he is rigging Panic Dollars by dropping Langford, so he can win .

Nothing else makes sense.


Except for maybe Langford in for 2 games, both losses, where midfield didn't do well enough, whereas when Myers played leading in to the bye we won.



How dare you cast aspersions on my character and bring dishonor to my good name?!!!

Even I wouldn't be associated with those changes!

It's lucky we don't live in renaissance times otherwise I would be calling you out for a duel.


I may have outdone D'artagnan, I have most likely offended 5 simultaneously.


Updated Panic Dollars holdings and rankings after R16 glorious conquest of the filth are posted below.

Biggest climber this round was @wimmera1 who rose 12 places. Biggest faller was @samwoods who fell 3 places.

- Yellow - live stress options
- Pink - failed option
- Blue - live trauma option