Panic Dollars 2017 - the game





Sell all.

Buy 50% Colyer & 50% Stewart and lock them both in for double stress.


From @wimmera1

Sell Parish.
$1500 on Begley
$1500 on Hocking
Add the rest to Stewart and double stress him again.


Table showing ranked return rates of players Selected for R17 -
Bird Stewart Colyer and Green are the highest paying players selected.

Of the players who were not selected Begley dashed the most hopes.


Panic Dollars holdings and new rankings after R17 glorious victory.

The biggest climber was @Munchen_Don who climbed 3 places. The biggest fallers were @samwoods and @Klawdy who both fell 2 places.

- yellow - live stress option
- blue - live trauma option
- pink - failed option


Return rates and bonus option payments for Round 18 v North Kangaroos are shown below -

Additional info comparing various special options -


I will continue with another 50% double stress for Colyer and will use the other 50% to double stress Tinkerbell.


Sell all.

50% on Stewart
50% on Lav



Sell Dea… Buy Bellchambers


Double stress Bellchambers and Stewart please


Please let the BBB times roll.


Havent played for a while,

Is it to late to Trauma? if not put it all into Zerret.

Otherwise triple stress my Heppel and Zerret options.


No you can take Trauma option this week - it wouldn’t be mentioned otherwise. Please tell me what your decision is.


Trauma on Zerret please.


No guts no glory from here. Sell everything, trauma on Stewart Don’t really know what I am getting into, but I am doing it anyway. All in on the chin.


You locked Begley in 100% triple stress last week. So you cannot make any trades until after R19.


CURSES. Begley is a must in this week.


Sell All.

Buy Gleeson 50% DOUBLE STRESS
Buy Hartley 50% DOUBLE STRESS


Sell Begley and Hocking.
Buy Stanton.


Hey … welcome back mate.