Panic Dollars 2017 - the game


Updated Panic Dollars holdings and rankings after glorious R18 victory over Sideshow Bob and the Northlings.

Biggest rise was @Riolio who climbed 4 places. The biggest faller was @Klawdy who fell 2 places.

Shading legend:

  • yellow = live stress option
  • blue = live trauma option
  • pink = failed option

Interesting that there is no shading at all in the lowest of the 3 panels.


Yeah boy!

(No idea when I last did anything in this game)


Boooooo! I’m never listening to Woosh again.


Updated Panic Dollar returns and bonus option payments for R19 v Western Bulldogs are posted below.


Psst … this is Leigh Pannell and Troy Fisher here. We have hacked into this thread with a special message for @simmo41 @username_already_tak @Juicy @Riolio @Dell @Valtello_Starkwind @Dodga @sj_2150 and @brem06

We are supposed to be umpires but everyone knows we try to rig results for game organisers. We suggest you take a look at the Trauma option. It is worth heaps this week and this is the last week you can take it and have your lock finish at round 23, i.e. you are not taking the extra risk of needing your player to play in the finals series to get the payment.


Sell everything, buy TBell & Laverde 50% each and double the stress on both


Righto. All in on Tippa. Trauma option.


I dunno what it is but full trauma everything on EDIT: fk it - LAV


I have no idea what’s going on - but let’s try and win big - full trauma on Mutch.


Trauma option pays the same for all players. Because there are no weekly payments there is no advantage picking a risky vfl player instead a first picked best 5 afl player - you are taking on more risk for no gain.


Sell the piddling amount I have left on Stanton.
Double stress 50% of my Panic Dollars 50% each on Stewart and T-Bell.


All in on LaVerde please.


Triple stress Jimmy Stewart please.


Sell all.

Buy 50% Bellchambers & 50% Stewart and lock them both in for double stress.


Sell all

Trauma - Joe Daniher


Sell all

Trauma Hurley


Updated Panic Dollars holdings and standings after inglorious R19 loss to bulldogs.

No gamers moved up or down more than 1 place this week.


  • yellow - live stress option
  • blue - live trauma option
  • pink - failed option

The gamers who locked in Laverde might be feeling the heat this week.


Fund report.
Investors would be happy with returns in high 30s and low 40s over the last 2 weeks, even though there were no surprise selections. While it took 20 matches for the fund to get close to $1M, it took only 2 games to get close to the next million.


It’s a bubble. Cash out, people, while you still can.


A “BlitzCoin” bubble!!