Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


After adding late changes, win jackpot and best player bonuses the new standings are:

A bit more movement this week. 3 Gamers climbed 15 places after getting trauma payments, however 8 other Gamers who took trauma in R1 languish at the bottom of the table.
@scintilla had the biggest fall.


The full calculations are below:


This week:
I will post the rates for Anzac Day game tonight. Not sure when the team will be announced - make your own enquires. But I don’t think we are going to get any better information on injuries etc tomorrow.


Here are the Nervous Rates and Lock bonus payments for R6 v Collingwood on Thursday.


All Trauma investments from R1 have now finished, so you can change this week. It is possible an extended squad may be announced Tuesday evening. So don’t delay making your decisions.


Nervous all my Blitzcoin on Langford please


stress Redman and Ambrose please.


That’s a massive call. Kudos to you.


Anxiety Bellchambers please


Anxiety the Red Man thanks squire.


Trauma McGrath please!


Anxiety 50/50 on Bellchambers & Ambrose please Colonel, thx.


Yes very high risk. But it’s only for a week and I figured he was rested from the VFL for a reason.


Anxiety Redman and Zaharakis.


Nervous is your only option since you have less than 50% of your funds free


50% Anxious Bellchambers
50% Anxious Redman


All in stress Zaha please


50% Stress Hooker
50% Stress Smith

Thanks Colonel


Trauma McKenna please KFC


Ah, my bad, thought I’d timed it so the were all free this week. In this case, nervous remainder on FRIDGE please.


@Kay_Eff_See am i back?

in such case, trauma conor.


Trauma zaka.