Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Gamers who can still change their investments before Team for Anzac Day is announced are:
@Alber_Goodthur @TrevorBix @Slowstu @Nod @nhanlon @SCarey


Yes, you have unlocked funds for this week if that is what you are asking. I have put Trauma on McKenna for you.


Trauma Guelfi please.


Anxiety Bell Chambers and redman please. 50/50 split


Nervous Redman cheers


anxiety Daniher + Langford please 50-50


Essendon: Shiel, Merrett, Hurley, Saad, Stringer, Daniher


Here are updated standings after R6 loss v Collingwood. These include best player bonuses.

The biggest gain (5 places) this week is @skip27 who got lucky with Parish getting a late recall. The biggest fall (5 places) this week is @Preliminary_Point2




Here are the full calculations for R6 loss v Collingwood.


Since it is a long week I had a look at investment trends, see graph below …


The columns in the chart show the number of each investment option taken each round. The lines show:

  • the number of different players selected,
  • the number of dead lock options each round.

As the game progresses the different number of players and the spread of lock options has increased. This might indicate that I am getting the rates right across the board and so Gamers can choose a number of valid strategies. Alternatively it might indicate that Gamers have no idea and are only selecting players at random, so the distribution is becoming more even.


Are my stress players still on for this week games or do I have to select again?




Your stress lock option paid out R6, so you can change investment for R7


Ok cool. I will go the same again 50% stress on tippa
50% stress on saad


It doesn’t look like we will get an injury report, so here are Nervous and Bonus rates for R7 v Geelong.


Although the game is not until Sunday, remember that investment decisions close when the Club makes announcements of who is in the extended squad, which is expected Thursday evening.

I can’t give advice, however @Scintilla , @Celtic_Swing and @Koala could use this week to ponder whether a 100% stress or anxiety investment on one player is the optimum way to use those options.


OK the Game is open for investment decisions now. Please confirm this is what you want to do.


Yep, I want to go with it. Thanks mate


What KFC is not saying, but is trying to say, is that you can stress or anxiety the same player twice. Or, you might choose 2 different players and spread your risk.

So 2 x 50% investment on the same player (or two players) gives you access to 2 x bonus payments.

A 1 x 100% investment on the one player gives you access to 1 x bonus payment.

This advice only affects stress or anxiety options as trauma requires a 100% investment anyway, and nervous does not have that type of bonus payment attached.


I need all the help I can get!
But just so I’m clear, because I took Zaha 100% stress until round 8, I can’t make any changes anyhow this week, right?