Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


The purple bit beside your name in the table says “stress:R6-R8” - this means your funds are locked up on that player until after R8. The next time you can change is in the week before R9.


I would like to lock in my funds as follows:

50% stress on Ridley
50% stress on Ambrose


Trauma all me coin on zerrett thanks


They went all in with stocks, and sequencing risk has killed them. Will be eating cat food in a decade or so.

(I put the cash under the bed, so I’m eating cat food now.)


I think I have about 50% available, so let’s nervous Guelfi


Stress Ambrose and Guelfi pleas


The only Gamers who are still able to make changes for R7 are @dingus @nhanlon and @Nod


Well in that case, why not 50% anxiety on the Red Man and 50% nervous on FRANGA please my good man.




Here are updated standings if this team plays as named. Note this does not include win jackpot or best player bonuses.

The Gamers shaded blue in the right hand column are progressing at a rate greater than required to get to 1 million blitzcoin after 24 games (which is 46.8% compounding return per match).


imagine if you had a 1-2 of albert_goodthur or albert thurgood.


From AFL site:

BEST Essendon: Merrett, Smith, Parish, Stringer, Hurley


Here are final standings after R7 debacle v Geelong. These do include the best player bonuses.


Here are full calculations after R7.

Click on any pic to open a slide show where the tables are easier to see.

There is one slight change to the table posted yesterday. @TrevorBix has increased his funds slightly, I had not included Langford as a late inclusion.


Here are Nervous rates and Lock bonus payments for R8 v Sydney.


I expect plane will leave Thursday afternoon, so we will probably know the team then. The game may close early this round.

EDIT: Note Round 12 is our bye. So Trauma from R8 will end on R13 (not R12 as was shown in the original table)


50% Anxiety Redman
50% straight out on McNeice, pls.


All free funds on Mynott please me ol’ china.


50% Anxiety Mynott
50% Stress Redman


50/50 Split - Stress Redman & Ambrose


Trauma Baguley please