Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?




I thought the Mynott calls were brave.

In comes @koala with the big FU, and doubles down on Bags.

There is likely to be winners and losers out of this one.


50% Anxiety Ambrose
50% Anxiety Redman


50% anxiety Parish 50% anxiety Francis


Trauma Rambrose


Trauma Redman plz good sir


A range of strategies coming in this week. Only @Celtic_Swing @Nod @nhanlon and @theDJR are still able to make investment changes for R8.

This chart might interest some Gamers.

The blue line after each match is the track that will take you to 1 million blitzcoin in 24 games - which based on previous 2 years will put you on the podium. Some Gamers are above this line, but will find it hard to stay there for the whole season. If you are below this line, or a long way down the standings, perhaps just think about how much you need to get to take you up to the blue line in the next 1, 2, 3, or 5 matches. When there are multiple options to achieve this - pick the one with lowest risk.

This also means you can still start from scratch now and win this.

This week is a big week for @Klawdy and @Humble_NSW_Fan who are relying on Ridley and Heppell playing to get their trauma investment and move to the top of the table.


Stress Bags 100% please.




noob alert!


Sorry I actually don’t know much of how this works.


This was posted last week by samwoods. Basically why try for 1 bonus payment of $x (using 1 player x 100%) when you can try for double that amount of bonus without taking on more risk or investing any more (using 2 players x 50%).

If any Gamer is unsure how it all works you can ask questions.


Its OK, most of us dont either…


I just randomly press buttons.


Having received some helpful advice, Can I please amend to the following if it’s not too late.

Stress 50% Bags
Stress 50% Guelfi


Rules are that you cannot make any changes after posting. Mainly cos I don’t want to have to adjudicate when to accept changes and when not to. Having a clear rule makes it much easier to administer and saves me time.





Not out of it yet, he was on the plane, may come in for TBC (or Devon)


It was only $4,053 that would have put you well into the lead, no biggie