Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


I’m sure they’ll bring him straight back in next week just to really rub salt into the ole wound.






After a very eventful selection announcement - here are draft standings if team plays as named. Note win jackpot and best player bonuses are not included.

@Humble_NSW_Fan could climb 17 places to go into lead. @hambo is the other big climber, up 12 places.

Less good news for @Klawdy who instead of going from 22 to 1st, slips to 23rd. And @koala who is locked into a traumatic relationship with Baguley till after the bye.


I’m beginning to suspect that @Humble_NSW_Fan has sources…


That is one tough break, @Klawdy. Is he an emergency?

Also: Woosha HATES @Koala


Ridley is emergency yes, on the plane not sure. Baguley is travelling so he is still in with a chance.


If this comes off I’d like the proceeds sent to my new location in the Cayman Island. Plenty of sauces there.


It was always going to be a risky one. But stuff it, I’m going to the Woosha thread to unleash!


Essendon: Hurley, Heppell, Merrett, McGrath, Hooker


Final standings after R8 debacle v Bin Chickens are below. These do include best player bonuses.

@Humble_NSW_Fan goes into lead after getting a trauma payout for Heppell. Other big climbers were @dons23 and @hambo



Here are the full calculations for R8

Click on any pic to open slideshow



Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R9 v Freo.



Working late KFC?


Any chance tippa can perform so I can make myself some sweet blitzcoin!?!


50% Lav.
50% Big Boi Begs.

Thanks Colonel.




50% Baguley
50% Parish



I’ll split my available funds between Hartley and Lav, straight out.