Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Not enough to be on top after two successive trauma payouts!


From AFL site -
Essendon: Parish, Heppell, Bellchambers, Shiel


Final standings after R10 v Richmond. These do include Best Player bonuses, but Win Jackpot is not applicable.


Two more than I’d have given.


trauma parish.


Good luck with the odds for Snelling.


Here are the full calculations for R10 v Richmond so all Gamers know what their situation is this week.
Click on any pic to open slideshow.


This week:
Next match is Sunday arvo v Carlton
Big week for @westozziebomber who has trauma investment due to mature.


Yeah going to be interesting for WOB, especially his next selection! :laughing:


Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for locks starting R11 v Carlton.



Trauma Langford please


Trauma Guelfi please


Stress Langford + Francis please Colonel.


Please confirm this is your decision now the new rates have been posted


Cool your jets. You are locked in the Baguley, Parish stress train until after completion of R11.




Trauma ambrose thanks


I like the way you think even if you’re unable to do it.


Haha thank you.

I am a middle of the road player stuck in the depths of mediocrity who needs to start taking some risks at the selection table in order to climb up the ladder.

Quite a few parallels there actually :slight_smile:


Meanwhile the leader who got to the lead by not going Trauma, when previous leaders went Trauma, decides to take Trauma option now.