Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?




It’s not working, but I like the policy.


Maybe. Maybe messin’ with peoples’ heads.


My mistake about the coaching, the above is the consistent policy.

Making people think …

On Blitz???


I like KFC’s hints. He’s like the chef who wanders around on Masterchef and asks really obvious questions about what the contestants are doing. Some get the hint, some don’t.


Stress Langford and Laverde please.


The only Gamers who are still able to change their investments for this match are:
@benny @Nocturnal @Preliminary_Point2 @dingus @Heptides @nhanlon @Nod and @theDJR


Hope Shiel plays and just sits on the bench all game so I can keep collecting my sweet blitzcoin


50% anxiety Ridley
50% anxiety clarke


Anxiety Francis and Langford.


All available clams on Clarke, D please chef.


Zlarke or Dlarke?


Trauma Langford


D Clarke


and a clam chowder to go

my compliments to the chef

oops you spoke to much and made eye contact


100% stress McGrath.


Updated standings based on Squad of 26 named.

WOB jumps 17 places to be the new leader. Other big movers are @Humble_NSW_Fan and @hambo
The biggest slider is @efc1robbo due to Sheil being out.



So how does wob nominate his plays?