Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Good question. It not as though there is a mod standing in the wings who was going to benefit from WOB’s exclusion by banhammering him and then stepping in to his place and grabbing that blitzcoin.


Updated Standings after Team cut to 22 players. These do not include Win Jackpot or Best Player Bonuses.


Win Jackpot applies!

Also best players from AFL site
Essendon: Heppell, Parish, Hurley, Guelfi, Clarke, McGrath


Final Standings after R11 glorious victory v Carlton. These do include Win Jackpot and Best Player Bonuses.

@Humble_NSW_Fan goes into lead ahead of WOB after latest adjustments.

@Nocturnal has a few weeks to think about why 100% on one player is not the best way to use the Stress option.

Next Week:
R12 is Bye round for EFC. Next game is R13 v Hawthorn, Friday June 14th. Updated Nervous Rates (e.g. Clarke to 20%) for that game will not be posted till Tuesday 11th.


Game week. Here are the current standings and detailed calculations.



Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R13 v Hawthorn.



Trauma Stringer please


I think I am free of stress this week:

If so, new stress: Heppell and Merrett



Passengers yet to finalise their Bandwagon for this round are:
@hambo @dingus @dons23 @nhanlon @Nod

Trauma payouts due this week if selected:
@Slowstu (Ambrose) and @Kj_11 (Redman)


Just received a text from WOB offline. I have NFI about this game, however, he asked me to say ‘Trauma Shiel. All in $$’. Cheers.


Thanks JR. Actually I can contact WOB directly as well, plus have a few DMs from others and discussions. I decided I should support the mods rather than give WOB a back door way to continue playing. If WOB is banned from Blitz he can’t make changes in this game as well, given the game only exists through site benevolence. His investment will just roll forward on Zerrett at nervous rate every week.


Also I am interested whether a Gamer could start now and do well enough to challenge the podium. I think it is possible.

To investigate I propose to start with $100 investment myself this week and keep track of how it goes. I will nominate my decision late on Thursdays so it is made public (but not so it will influence other gamers). I will track how I go, but won’t include myself in the formal standings / rankings.


Sweet, dude. Nothing nefarious about it. He is banned and can’t post and I don’t think he is trying to circumvent the rules. Why not run it by the mods and see their thoughts on it? They may allow you to contact him directly and receive his input in order to still play the game. Just a thought. Cheers.


I’d like to purchase one trauma option on Guelfi, M please.


Might just be me, but that exchange above with JR and the post from KFC is very funny in a cruel kinda way.

It’s very… “In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.”

Hi WoB hi!


The ones that he said “come at me” to?


Hi Wob.


I’m not taking that bait.

However, I might retrospectively calculate the optimal investments, from start of season and from now, to make it clear the winner was actually pretty rubbish.


What was the optimal strategy last year?


Bahahahahaha. I don’t know why everyone PMs me.


stress Parish and Guelfi please Mr @Kay_Eff_See. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been so busy I almost forgot the highlight of my footy week.