Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Stress Francis and Brown please 50 percent each of course


Trauma Ridley


Stress Ridley please.


Stress Guelfi and Parish $50 each


Thanks. Trauma hurls and stress the other 2


Try again. 1 Trauma uses 100% of your funds. 1 Stress uses 50% of your funds. So you can do 1 Trauma or 2 x Stress, not both.


Gamers from last year who have not indicated they are playing this year - @wimmera1 @smooth @Nocturnal @Kj_11 @Koala @Nod @Riolio @theDJR

Please come to the high rollers room where your complimentary virtual cocktail awaits …


People I expect to want to play @Robin_Close @JohnRain



50% stress McKenna
50% stress tippa


Reminder: Investment decisions for R1 will stop when extended squad is announced - probably on Thursday evening.


I’m in Trauma Tippa


I played last year? Did I win?

(My only ever investment was for Watson to play round 23 plus four finals.)


OK think I have it now. Trauma Hurls.

Sorry for the slow uptake


orright I’m in. Trauma Smith please


Yes I know you only want to play during finals, and I am sorry that we did not make the finals for you last year. But I automatically enrol you from the start so you have the opportunity to carry out your strategy. Besides we will be playing finals this year, it’s guaranteed.


50% Stress Ridley
50% Stress Brown



Mate, your first post makes it clear that the win bonus does not apply if you take the trauma option.

Can you please clarify for me whether the best player bonus applies if you take the trauma option?


Since this is first week, and there is not much time before R1 squad is announced, I will relax one of the rules for this week only. Because it will take everyone a bit of time to get their head around all the rules and options again, including me, you can change your investment decision up until Thursday noon - provided the club does not release information about selection before then. But this week only.
Hint: there is some dumb ■■■■ going on.


Yes, it was last year and no change this year. Best player bonus applies to all investment options.


Trauma Brown please.


Today is a day of listmania …

Gamers who have indicated they want to play, but have not yet made investment decision:
@Humble_NSW_Fan @TrevorBix @samwoods @Scintilla @Celtic_Swing @westozziebomber @Preliminary_Point2 @dons23 @dingus @SCarey