Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Yes. I recommend exercise, meditation and regular social contact with friends who don’t follow AFL.

However, no payment relief. The fine print -
“You get paid for your player getting onto the field only. It does not matter why the player does not play (injury, suspension, hurt during warmup, death in the family, kidnapped by aliens) no play means no pay”


From EFC site:
Essendon: Stringer, McGrath, Hurley, Francis, Heppell


Final standings after R2 debacle, these do include best player bonuses.


Ha, I’m not participating and I’m still better than @barnz


If the coaches just picked Lav we wouldn’t be here.


I’m in front!!! I’m in front!!!

Now, true to form, I shall make my way towards the bottom.

I have zero confidence in picking who will be selected for next week.


Absolute joke Riddles was dropped. Made an absolute mockery of this game.


It was a mockery of something. I think this game just highlighted it.


This year is already more nerve racking than the past, nobody is safe.


The full calculations for current standings … click on any pic to open slideshow of bigger pics.

@samwoods moves to lead as result of anxiety bonus payment, shown in yellow. Best players bonuses are shown in blue.


This week
Revised Investment Rates for next game posted Tuesday evening.
Big week for all the Stress investors from R1 hoping for a bonus payment this week - that is locks shown in purple.


New nervous rates for R3 v Melbourne



From memory only @samwoods and @dingus , the 2 leaders, have free funds to change their investment this round.


For next year I think you need a break penalty for gamers who luck out big time. Lucking out on a trauma after one week because of inexcusable and indefensible selections shouldn’t wreck your entire season.


Are you saying that experiencing that has been traumatic?


Luck? I was surprised so many Gamers took 5 week locks on players on the edge of selection in R1. Trauma is big risk all in one basket, but possibly big returns. There were many lower risk options you could have taken.
Also you are not out of the season - the game is designed to allow Gamers to move up from the bottom, and not be overly penalised by one bad decision. That is why all the payments increase through the year, and some payments go more to Gamers at the bottom.


My season is over. Ridley and Parish.


We are two games in to the season and half the players already have a failed lock.

Everyone is still in this game.


Riddles trauma thanks. Cya in 5 weeks.


You can recover from an early season mistake, you are doomed if you make one towards the end. I’ve learnt from bitter, bitter experience.

But like the colonel says, high risk/high return, the high stakes are part of the fun.


I have no idea what the selection panel will do. I did think of playing it very safe this week just due to the sheer uncertainty at present. On the other hand I’d love to put money on a Redman or Hooker, but I don’t have the balls.

Ridley could, or even should, get brought straight back in. Who they drop for him I wouldn’t know. Can you imagine how upset some will be in here if they swap Ridley and Parish back around again for “structural” reasons.

Anyway, I’m sticking with Mitch Brown as a hard working tall forward, even though his scoreboard impact has been poor.
50% Anxiety Brown

And I’ll go for Walla who I believe to be working really hard for no benefit because the rest of the team think he is 2 metre Walla.
50% Anxiety Walla



All available on Riddles. Churrr bro.