Panic Dollars 2019: Who wants to be a Blitzcoin millionaire?


Genuine question - how does a player (Parish) get in the coaches votes and not in the bests for the side for the same game?


Anxiety Draper and Parish please.


anxiety parish and myers please.


The reports on both AFL and EFC sites are written by AFL journos, straight after the game. They don’t have extensive knowledge of every player on the list and are overly influenced by stats I think. You are always going to get anomalies between them and experts on the actual game and each player’s role (coaches).


50% Anxious Ridley
50% Anxious Redman


Wish I’d looked at Facey first and read the article about Guelfi getting dropped this week…sigh


Stress hooker and Myers 50% each


Anxiety Myers and Redman 50/50


Let’s go stress on the red man 50% and the balance on Hooker nervous please.

Thanks bwana


50% stress on tippa
50% stress on saad


Guelfi trauma - a bridge too far …


Assuming this side plays, only 4 Traumas still alive from R1 - Hurley, Smith, Shiel, AMT - 1 Gamer on each.


You are still locked in on Brown till R5. Good pick though.

EDIT: Sorry @wimmera1 - I’ve just noticed this looks like I was being a smart rs. I actually meant Draper was a good pick as I thought he was very close to getting a game.


If this side plays as named updated standings will be as shown in table below.
(win jackpot and best players bonuses are not included).


@Kay_Eff_See do I need to do anything?


Not now. There were a number of Gamers who were out of lock and could have changed their investment this week, but didn’t - including you. So what happens is you roll on in your current position as a Nervous investment (100% Parish in your case) for this week. Then can change next week.
I often send an @ reminder to Gamers who haven’t given me an updated investment by Thursday, but that won’t always happen - I was caught up in other things this week.

The other Gamers who this applies to are - @Slowstu @Celtic_Swing @nhanlon and @Nod


From AFL site
Essendon: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Merrett, Zaharakis, Brown, Hooker, Heppell


Does Walla earn double points for being a class above?


Here are the updated standings. These now include best player bonuses and win jackpot.

Sorry walla only gets the same formula as the others.

The biggest movers were @samwoods up 5 places, and @Klawdy down 5 places.


Here are the full calculations for last Game.

And the legend:

EDIT: These are correct now. For some reason I uploaded the old pics from R3 for the middle 2 tables when I did this on Monday.