Panic Dollars 2020: catch the original global panicdemic game

Panic Dollars returns. Last year @redbull with inside information from backstreets of Singapore was able to convert his starting $100 into over $1,000,000 by the end of the season and win the game - coming from behind in 13th place to win by virtue of a trauma bonus and best player bonus to Dylan Shiel in the last final played.

Should be interesting this year with changes to coaching panel, some mature recruits, less injuries, and altered game plan. Much harder to pick team and I suspect there will be more changes week to week than with Woosher in sole control.

At this stage, all you have to do is register your interest that you want to play (post in the comments below).

I will update the rules in the next post below.

The game will start in week of Monday 16th March, leading up to Round 1 game v Freo on Saturday 21st March.

I expect to post draft nervous rates and bonus payments on Sunday night, and final rates and payments on Tuesday night. Expect team selection Thursday evening.

Rule Changes and Clarifications:

Each Gamer can only name each player once. No multiple repeat naming to get multiple best player bonuses.

Corona virus impact.

  • If any player misses because of any illness, it counts as a missed game no change to rules.
  • If the team does not play because a match is cancelled it does not count as a missed game (because there was no game) - it will be similar to bye week when we don’t play, count just restarts when we next do play.
  • If all the remaining games for season are cancelled, the Gamer in lead after the last played game will be declared the winner.

This is the rules post from last year.

Panic Dollars is a game based around Team selection. You invest in a particular player(s), if your players get selected, your investment grows, if your players don’t play you lose part of your money. You can swap players between games, or choose to lock in players for longer for bigger returns. In this game the more risky your strategy, the bigger your potential returns.

The game will most suit Supporters who like to take an interested in all the players on the list and try to understand the match committee’s selection strategies. This will help in working out the likelihood of each player being selected in the next match or matches.

That’s it for now. I will post more on the rules, returns and bonuses over the next weeks. I will also reserve the following post for more fine print rules.

Investment Options

Panic Dollars is an investment game. All Gamers are given $100 when they start. Gamers invest all or part of their funds in a player or players. If the player(s) you select play the next game, you get a return, but if they don’t play you get a cost penalty.

There are a few different investment options as you can lock your investment in for multiple weeks. You get a bonus payment if your player plays all the games during the lock period.

Update: Bonus Payments for Lock options

  • Anxiety option is a 2 match lock - each player lock for this option locks up 50% of your funds, so you can only do this for 2 players max. If your player actually plays you also get the weekly nervous return payments each match.
  • Stress option is a 3 match lock - each player lock for this option locks up 50% of your funds, so you can only do this for 2 players max. If your player actually plays you also get the weekly nervous return payments each match
  • Trauma option is a 5 match lock - a player lock for this option locks up 100% of your funds, so you can only do this for 1 player. If your player actually plays you only get a flat 10% weekly return payment each match.

Best Players’ Bonus (starting R1)

This will still start this week R1, based on AFL/EFC match report named best players.

Each investment in a “best player” for that round will get a bonus payment equal to:
Total value all Panic Dollars investments x 0.5% x (25% + 75% x (Rank - 1) / (Total no of Gamers - 1)).

This will increase through the year, as the total of all invested funds grows.
Rank refers to the Gamer’s Rank at the start of that round. The formula will give Gamers at the bottom of the rankings a larger best players bonus payment than those Gamers higher up the rankings.
Eligibility: All investment options.

Win Jackpot (starts R1, first match)

Win Jackpot will be paid in any match that EFC wins from R1 on. The Win Jackpot will not be paid for a loss or a draw.

Jackpot: 20% of Nervous rate for that player in a winning week. So a player with a 25% Nervous rate will pay at 25% x (100% + 20%) = 30% for that week.

Eligibility: Gamers / players / options using Nervous rates for that week. That is Nervous, Anxiety and Stress Options. Not Eligible - Trauma option.

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So who is in ?

I just want acknowledgement as the originator of the term “Panic Dollars”, and perhaps some form of royalty paid to me (in Panic Dollars, naturally).

I’m in and gunning for @redbull


Are these panic $$$s anything like the failed Blitzcoins?

Blitzcoin is the currency used in Panic Dollars. Far from being failed, last year there were transactions in Blitzcoin for physical goods.

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Load me up again @Kay_Eff_See

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Yeah, I’m in.

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I’m in! I’ll have to try to get a proper grasp of the rules though.

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I’m in. I loved it last year

Can I trauma coronavirus ? I hear he is really going to perform well in the coming weeks


I’m in.

Don’t think we will get to play, but I’m in.

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I’m in again!

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I’ll play again. Love this comp. Thanks for organising Mr KFC.

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I’m in!

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It is easier than it sounds. Wait until the starting rates are posted, then ask questions if you are not sure.

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I think it will take a lot to cancel games completely, rather than just have them crowd free. Peeps have to have something to watch on TV when self isolating in their homes.

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A lot = 1 player testing positive

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Count me in for confusion & disappointment for another year game

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