Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


50% nervous Langford
50% stress Stewart


I’ll keep hooker and trauma him


Trauma tippa


50% nervous Langford
50% anxiety Brown

Cheers mate.



Equal split. Thanks.


Can I stress Stewart and Baguley please


If that is a question, yes you can


Ha, displaying how confident I am at this. Please lock it in.


50% Dea
50% Bags Trauma


50% stress on parish and brown please


50% - Hartley STRESS
50% - Stewart STRESS


Do you get website overlord benefits?

I’m confused because @Kay_Eff_See has liked your post, but I thought if you wanted to trauma a player you could only have 1 at 100% of funds.


Correct, thanks @samwoods . Error on my part. Sorry @Riolio - you have to limit investments to 100% of what you have. No futures exchange here.



If only I knew how this game worked …


6th row in this table folks … and I’ll change it to Min% for next time so that is clearer

Trauma has huge payouts, but you have be willing to take big risk and go all in to get it. If Trauma wasn’t 100% and only 10% weekly returns it would be money for a farkcarlton scarf.


Trauma Darcy Parish please


I’ll have the same please


Can you type it out please. I don’t know what you mean be the same, same as what?


Parish 50%
Bags 50%


Looks like Nod was quoting my post which was Stewart and Baguley Stressed.