Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


My history with Langford isn’t good, but this year is going to be different …

100% appropriately nervously on Langford please.


I’ll stress Stewart and Bags


Who is yet to finalise investments for R1:
@Kj_11 @Riolio @dons23 @TrevorBix and @theDJR


Gimmie Bags, all in.


Trauma for Saad please mate.


So is that 100% but no Trauma on Bags?


Yes sir.


Trauma JD plz. Thanks.


100% bag @Kay_Eff_See please thank you


um …can i take back my 50% on bags and put on someone else?


Well that was interesting … Langford investors the big winners, Baguley investors the big losers particularly those who locked him in for a few weeks. Although Bags is emergency so he could “emerge”.

Of the players selected - Langford had highest return, Stewart the most investors.

Of the players who missed out - Baguley was the only one with much support - including 3 Gamers who locked him in.


If the selected team plays as named the new standings will be …

Redbull is the only change on the podium, he tumbles down to no. 6. Benny may be biggest climber up 7 places. The biggest drop looks like being Riolio, for the 2nd consecutive week, this time losing 6 places.

Although the standings become a bit deceptive as people with trauma locks will fall down the ladder and then jump up many places if they land their bonus payment in 5 weeks.


No investments after the team is named. Sorry


Next week yes, no changes before the game tomorrow though.




Here are updated standings after R1 glorious victory against Adelaide. Since there were no changes to the side, rankings are the same as I flagged after selection.

Click on any pic to open a slide show that you can click though.

Lock options are colour coded as follows -
This string will tell you how much blitzcoin is locked up and for how long. Any failed lock is shown with a beige/bandaid colour (Baguley investors). You will still get 10% if he plays any of next 2 games, but no bonus payment. No you can’t get your money out before then, so don’t bother asking.

Repeating: @redbull is the only change on the podium, he tumbles down to no. 6. @benny is biggest climber up 7 places. The biggest drop is @Riolio losing another 6 places - after leading in JLT1, he hasn’t nailed a selection in next 2 games.

All the trauma investors are marked pink - so you can see who they are. There are 7 different players under trauma lock, so very likely that at least some will play all 5 games. The trauma bonus will give a trauma investor close to $2,000 in funds at end of R5. It will be interesting to see if other investment strategies can get to that level as well over next 4 weeks.

McKenna mentioning “hamstring” may have @barnz a little concerned this week.

This week: Expect return rates for next game to be posted after Tuesday injury report as per usual.


No concern at all


I will post Nervous Returns and Bonus payment rates for R2 this evening.

However, I am going camping for the next few days so I am unlikely to be on internet much after today until after team is announced. If you have any questions you should ask them today.

Also I would ask that in my absence more experienced Gamers help and point out to others if they try to make an investment that is not clear or not in accordance with the rules.

To Smith and Warner - don’t even think about editing your investment after the team is announced on Thursday. I have cameras everywhere.


I’ve got a quick one for you. My total is $288.75 and but I’ve got $105 locked in with Brown. I’m guessing I’ve got $183.75 to play with this week. Is that right?


No, $147