Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Benny is correct - it is the 2 numbers in 3rd column from right that you need. These add up to your $288.75; $141.75 is locked, $147 is free to change this week.


Sweet! Thanks legends!


OK here are the Nervous weekly rates for R2 v Freo

And Bonus payments for new locks starting this week …


Have fun. No facebook parties at my house while I am away.


$147 on some Stewart stress thanks Colonel.


All on Brown


All my available funds, aside from those still invested in Stewart, on Green - Nervous please.


All in on Zac Merrett

I still have no idea how this works


I believe I shall place my available $8 or so on Guelfi.


Any cash I have to spend on Guelfi

Edit: don’t think I have any to spend though!


2 weeks until conor trauma again.


Possibly a stupid question, but can anyone explain why the bonuses are so much higher if you start a lock in Rd 2 instead of Rd 1, when you’re still only locking in for the same number of games?


They increase per round because everyone’s tally increases each round. If you got to round 14 and everyone has 20k yet the bonus was $96 it’s not really worthwhile.

Edit: There’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to panic dollars.


More like 4.


I thought it was 3? But if it’s 5 sign me up


Are finals included in trauma etc? Or only the H&A season?


Lid off! I love it!

Yeah I think they are.


I think you can do trauma into the finals although it’s more risky because getting knocked out of the finals means you lose your bet.


I still can’t believe my Watson trauma bet in round 23 didn’t work out.


Full trauma Heppell please.


50% stress Zerrett 50% Stewart please amen.