Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny




I think I have funds left and if I do can I stress Brown please.


Thanks Klawdy - that’s kind of what I figured, but then thought maybe if that was the intention, the bonuses would be fixed as % of your investment.

Now I think I was just over-thinking…


100% mckenna


I’ll keep going with Hartley please :slight_smile:


Greetings Gamers. I am back home - did not have any internet while I was away camping in National Park.

I should have time to unravel what you have all been up to while I was away by gametime this arvo.


I presume this is stress on both?


You’ve locked everything up until the end of R3


You still have $149.70 locked in on Stewart till the end of R3. I’ll put the rest on McKenna though.


Please ask a question if there is something that is not clear


Correct, you are all locked in till the end of R3


4 counting today. You are locked in till after R5. So the next investment you make will be for R6.


Bonus payments increase every match - the rates up to the end of R12 have been posted in the opening post of this thread. To see them just press “home” button and read the first post.
As other gamers responded the increase is to keep appropriate pace with the level of money the nervous only investors would have + extra for the extra risk in locking up a player.


I will be posting bonus payment amounts to max games possible - that is EFC playing in a Grand Final replay. So the last game you can make a new trauma investment is before F1 (first final) game, when it is still possible for your player to play 5 games.


Well there are plenty of opportunities to make amends this season


No worries, still working it out


Sorry I hope you took that as yes :+1::+1:


Here are draft standings after Round 2 debacle v Freo. Klawdy looks to be the new leader after getting the first bonus payment for an anxiety lock.

I will post the updated tables tomorrow.


rates for some of the same old essendon players should be 1.01 because they’re no ■■■■■■■ chance of being dropped.


New holdings and standings after R2 winery tour and debacle v Freo.

Please check your holdings, because I have been away I may have missed something this week.

@Klawdy moves into the lead this week, after picking up an Anxiety bonus payment. Although quite a few Gamers have Stress payments due next week so it will be interesting to see if he can hold the lead.

Click on any pic to open and then click through a slide show of the results.

Legend for Bonus Payments:

If you don’t understand how these calculations work, please ask a question.

Biggest rises this week were @efc1robbo @Koala @Riolio
Biggest falls this week were @Kj_11 @hambo @dons23 - although these all have live Trauma investments in play.

This Week:

  • Game v Bulldogs on Sunday arvo at Dome. I expect there will be some changes and perhaps players returning from injury.
  • Nervous Return Rates will be posted on Tuesday after Club issues injury report. The Bonus payments are already in the OP.
  • Investments will close when extended squad is announced Thursday evening.