Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Changes are closed once the extended squad is announced.


Squad now reduced to 22 - shown in table below.

Myers was highest return player named, although no Gamers were on board. Baguley locks finally got a payday, who along with Brown, Fantasia and Dea all rewarded their investors with the next highest return of 35%.


Of the players those who missed out only Hartley and Begley burnt any investors.

@benny looks like being the big loser this round - he would have gone into the lead if his Stress lock on Hartley had paid out.


Revised provisional standings if the named squad do actually play.

It looks like @Heptides will move back into the lead and @Klawdy falls from leading to off the podium.
The biggest climber is @nhanlon who jumps 14 places to 2nd on the back of a double stress payment.
The biggest faller is @SCarey with his trauma lock.

All the Trauma locks are still live - you can see who has one as they all have 10% in the 2nd column from the right in the table above. I expect at least some of these will be successful and a Trauma Gamer will be in the lead with $2,000 after round 5.


I contast Myers rate. He’s a dead ■■■■■■■ certainty to play if he can tie his shoes without assistance.


Dea a late out for Begley. @redbull was the big loser here as he had a Stress lock on Dea due to be paid out in R3. A couple of Begley owners @Koala and @wimmera1 would be happy to see him come back.

Revised holdings and rankings are below.

The biggest fallers were @redbull and @SCarey
The biggest climber was @nhanlon who rose 14 places to be 2nd, just $10 off the lead.


Woohoo me and my five bucks!
I’m gonna get smashed by the five-gamers though.


Based on form, there is not a player in the team that should be safe for 5 games.


Here are the detailed calculations for each Gamer. Check your score and let me know if you see any mistakes.

Click on any pic to open a slideshow that you can click through.

Legend - colours:


This week.
In case there is any confusion, the funds of all the Gamers who had $ locked from R1 to R3 are now unlocked and available for re-investment. If you don’t change your investment, the funds will just continue on the current player at the new Nervous weekly rate each week.

I expect there will be changes to the side this week with more players coming off injury and good form in 2s v seniors.

As per usual I will post new Nervous rates and the game will be reopened for investment changes after the injury report on Tuesday afternoon.


Question, do i get a bonus after the 5 week trauma?


You should.


I hope you do. McKenna has been one of the few bright shining lights this season. I’d hate to lose him in the next week or so.


You get a bonus payment if McKenna plays all 5 games up to R5.


yeah, well… sometimes you get the munchies


Here are Nervous rates for R4 and Bonus payments for new locks starting from R4.


Selection will be very interesting this week. McKenna suspended forces at least 1 change. Will Woosher follow through on his threats and punish bad performance and reward good form in the 2s?


Stewart - Trauma please.


don’t do it man, he’ll probably eye gouge someone in the 3rd round.


Is this the appropriate time to point out that you wanted to lock McKenna in for the full year?


I’m loyal like that.


Can I nervous 50% each on Langford and Clarke