Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Parish - stress - 50%
Steward - anxiety - 50%



All my available nervous on Myers please.


I believe I shall trauma Smith, my good man.
Now I just hope he doesn’t punch anyone.


I am taking this as a decision not a question



Can I trauma?


Yes you can, do you want to?


Tippa 50% Stress
Stewart 50% Stress


All in baby.


Trauma Tippa please


Trauma everywhere. There are going to be a lot of PTSD posts in the mental health thread come the bye round.


Everyone is traumatized by the way we are playing as a team & flocking to supposed safety in certain players.

Little do they know that this option is even more stressful.


Stress Stewart and Walla please


Correct- should have said may I.


No new investments on Guelfi from now on, for this week.

“first-year midfielder Matt Guelfi a chance to debut against Port Adelaide on Sunday after the West Australian received a massive cheer from the playing group before training.” - AFL site




Bugget. Guelfi was about to get all my blitzcoin.

Let’s go full trauma on heppell instead.


I don’t have time or the interest to unravel cryptic comments.

However there should not be insider trading in panic dollars. If you want to raise an issue that members are getting info that isn’t available to everyone else then go ahead and detail exactly what you mean.


or maybe just … “Nervous 50% each on Langford and Clarke”

  1. its a joke.
    2 its not questioning the integrity of your game


Set and forget.